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All 331 power plants in Australia
NameOperator Output Source MethodWikidata
Eraring Power Station Delta Electricity 2,880 MW coal combustionQ2944646
Bayswater Power Station Macquarie Generation 2,640 MW coal Q2944653
Loy Yang A Power Station AGL Energy 2,210 MW coal combustion
Liddell Power Station Macquarie Generation 2,000 MW coal combustionQ6543608
Gladstone Power Station NRG Gladstone Operating Services 1,680 MW coal combustionQ5566351
Hazelwood Power Station (Closed) Engie 1,542 MW Q1786119
Callide Power Stations B & C 1,540 MW coal combustion
Tumut 3 Power Station Snowy Hydro 1,500 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ61448240
Stanwell Power Station Stanwell 1,460 MW coal combustionQ2944702
Yallourn W Power Station 1,450 MW coal combustionQ8047501
Tarong Power Station Stanwell 1,400 MW coal Q2944709
Mount Piper Power Station Delta Electricity 1,320 MW coal combustionQ11990135
Vales Point Power Station Delta Electricity 1,320 MW coal combustionQ7911515
Torrens Island Power Station AGL Energy 1,280 MW gas combustionQ7827027
Loy Yang B Power Station AGL Energy 1,100 MW coal combustion
Muja Power Station 1,094 MW coal combustionQ6933294
Murray 1 Power Station Snowy Hydro 950 MW hydro Q6939083
Millmerran Power Station 852 MW coal combustionQ6859892
Kogan Creek Power Station CS Energy 744 MW coal combustionQ6425761
Colongra Power Station Snowy Hydro 724 MW gas combustionQ5148195
Darling Downs Power Station Origin Energy 644 MW gas combustionQ5223923
Uranquinty Power Station Origin Energy 640 MW gas Q7899759
Mortlake Power Station Origin Energy 584 MW gas Q6914780
Pinjar Power Station 576 MW gas Q7195919
Wivenhoe Power Station 570 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ8028691
Murray 2 Power Station Snowy Hydro 550 MW hydro Q6939087
Pelican Point Power Station 529 MW gas combustionQ7161425
Braemar 2 Power Station Arrow Energy 519 MW gas combustionQ65706245
Braemar Power Station Alinta Energy 502 MW gas combustionQ65706244
Newport Power Station Ecogen Energy 500 MW gas combustionQ11991275
Coopers Gap Wind Farm AGL 453 MW wind
Gordon Power Station Control Building Hydro Tasmania 450 MW Q21834601
Tarong North Power Station Stanwell 450 MW coal combustionQ2944708
Jeeralang Power Station Ecogen Energy 440 MW gas combustionQ6172974
Tallawarra Power Station TRUenergy 440 MW gas combustionQ7680087
Murra Warra Wind Farm 429 MW wind Q56278495
MacArthur Wind Farm 420 MW wind Q6722670
Mount Stuart Power Station Origin Energy 414 MW diesel combustionQ6923919
Tamar Valley Power Station Hydro Tasmania 388 MW gas combustionQ7680761
Swanbank E Power Station Stanwell 385 MW gas combustionQ7653563
Snowtown Wind Farm 369 MW wind Q7548732
Oakey Power Station ERM Power 346 MW gas combustionQ7073856
Collie Power Station 340 MW coal Q5147151
Neerabup Power Station 330 MW gas Q11991074
Tumut 1 Power Station Snowy Hydro 330 MW hydro Q12007859
Laverton North Power Station Snowy Hydro Limited 320 MW gas Q6502636
NewGen Power Kwinana NewGen Power Kwinana Pty Ltd 320 MW gas combustionQ6450455
Mica Creek Power Station Stanwell Corporation 318 MW gas Q13648665
Hornsdale Windfarm 315 MW wind
Limondale Solar Farm Belectric 313 MW solar photovoltaicQ61742020
Poatina Power Station Hydro Tasmania 312 MW hydro Q7206172
Kemerton Power Station RATCH-Australia 310 MW gas combustionQ76558849
Valley Power Peaking Facility Snowy Hydro 300 MW gas Q7912171
Tumut 2 Power Station Snowy Hydro 286 MW hydro Q19393489
Lake Bonney Wind Farm 278 MW wind Q6475039
Darlington Point solar farm Canadian Solar 275 MW solar photovoltaicQ65870863
Hallett Power Station AGL 270 MW gas combustionQ24190038
Sapphire Wind Farm 270 MW wind Q67446408
Bungala Solar Enel Green Power 245 MW solar photovoltaicQ48802503
Townsville Power Station 244 MW gas combustionQ28943062
Diamantina Power Station APA Group 242 MW gas Q16969237
Ararat Wind Farm 240 MW wind Q55604135
Reece Power Station Hydro Tasmania 238 MW hydro water-storageQ7306575
Channel Island Power Station 232 MW Q11963434
Quarantine Power Station Origin Energy 229 MW gas combustionQ39050887
Lal Lal Wind Farm RES Australia 220 MW wind wind_turbineQ67899687
Lincoln Gap Wind Farm 212 MW wind Q48811763
Barker Inlet Power Station AGL Energy 210 MW gas combustionQ30625586
Collgar Wind Farm 206 MW wind wind_turbineQ5147127
Sunraysia Solar Farm AGLEnergy 200 MW solar photovoltaicQ61742018
Silverton Wind Farm 199 MW wind wind_turbineQ7516853
Waubra Wind Farm 192 MW wind Q7975111
Smithfield Energy Facility 185 MW gas combustion
Mount Emerald Wind Farm 180 MW wind Q14935511
Dartmouth Power Station AGL Energy 180 MW hydro Q61448250
Osborne Power Station 180 MW gas combustionQ7105805
White Rock Wind Farm 175 MW wind Q67509188
Somerton Power Station AGL Energy 170 MW gas combustion
Musselroe Wind Farm Hydro Tasmania 168 MW wind Q6943113
Gullen Range Wind Farm New Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd (NGRWF) 166 MW wind
Finley Solar Farm 162 MW solar photovoltaicQ68671833
Kangaroo Valley Pumping and Power Station 160 MW hydro water-pumped-storage
Dry Creek Power Station Synergen Power Pty Limited 156 MW gas combustionQ48800321
Temporary Generation North Government of South Australia 154 MW diesel combustionQ65052510
Cattle Hill Wind Farm Goldwind Australia 154 MW wind wind_turbine
Cattle Hill Wind Farm 154 MW wind wind_turbineQ65075725
Coleambally solar farm Neoen 150 MW solar photovoltaicQ65679821
Hornsdale Power Reserve Neoen 150 MW battery Q51636003
McKay Creek Power Station AGL Energy 150 MW hydro Q6801697
[unnamed] Adani 150 MW solar photovoltaic
John Butters Power Station Hydro Tasmania 144 MW hydro Q6224154
Capital Wind Farm Infigen Energy 141 MW wind wind_turbineQ5035686
Bogong Power Station AGL Energy 140 MW hydro Q61448255
Condamine Power Station 140 MW gas combustionQ5159139
Eildon Power Station AGL Energy 135 MW hydro Q5349293
North Brown Hill Wind Farm AGL 132 MW wind wind_turbineQ66310569
Mount Mercer Wind Farm 131 MW wind Q6922156
Waterloo Wind Farm 130 MW wind Q7974307
Tungatinah Power Station Hydro Tasmania 125 MW hydro Q7853031
Callide Power Station A 120 MW coal combustion
Temporary Generation South Government of South Australia 120 MW combustionQ66828323
Ross River Solar Farm Palisade Integrated Management Services 116 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 114 MW coal cogeneration
Bodangora Wind Farm Infigen Energy 113 MW wind Q68532324
Boco Rock Wind Farm 113 MW wind Q68781022
[unnamed] 112 MW gas
Darling Downs Solar Farm 110 MW solar photovoltaicQ56276276
Parkeston Power Station TransAlta 110 MW gas
Kwinana Swift Power Station CTEC Pty Ltd 109 MW
Taralga Wind Farm CWP Renewables 107 MW wind Q28183809
Bald Hills Wind Farm 107 MW wind
Nyngan Solar Plant AGL Energy 102 MW solar photovoltaicQ29325556
Cethana Power Station Hydro Tasmania 100 MW Q5065647
Wemen Solar Farm 98 MW solar Q67566295
Trevallyn Power Station Hydro Tasmania 96 MW Q7838915
Tailem Bend Solar Power Project Vena Energy 95 MW solar photovoltaicQ48818149
Brown Hill Wind Farm AGL 94 MW wind wind_turbineQ66310580
Bairnsdale Power Station Alinta Energy 94 MW gas combustionQ4848639
Wattle Point Wind Farm 91 MW wind wind_turbineQ7974989
Mintaro Power Station Synergen Power Pty Limited 90 MW gas combustion
Tarraleah Power Station Hydro Tasmania 90 MW Q7686654
Bannerton Solar Park 88 MW solar photovoltaicQ60749738
Liapootah Power Station Hydro Tasmania 87 MW hydro Q6540173
Weddell Power Station 86 MW
Tribute Power Station Hydro Tasmania 84 MW hydro water-storageQ7840519
Bastyan Power Station Hydro Tasmania 81 MW hydro water-storageQ4868381
Mackintosh Power Station Hydro Tasmania 81 MW hydro Q6724549
Bendeela Pumping and Power Station 80 MW hydro water-pumped-storage
Blowering Power Station Snowy Hydro 80 MW hydro water-storageQ61448242
Emu Downs Wind Farm 80 MW wind Q5374851
Ladbroke Grove Power Station Origin Energy 80 MW gas combustionQ28220282
Oakey Solar Farm Canadian Solar 80 MW solar photovoltaic
Roma Power Station Origin Energy 80 MW gas combustion
Crowlands Wind Farm 80 MW wind
Studland Bay Wind Farm Hydro Tasmania 75 MW wind
West Kiewa Power Station AGL Energy 74 MW hydro Q61448257
Port Lincoln Power Station Synergen Power Pty Limited 73 MW diesel combustion
Hallett Hill Wind Farm AGL 71 MW wind wind_turbineQ66310576
Mount Millar Wind Farm 70 MW wind Q17014513
Oaklands Hill Wind Farm 67 MW wind
Rugby Run Solar Farm Adani 67 MW solar photovoltaic
Barron Gorge Hydro Station Stanwell 66 MW hydro
Cathedral Rocks Wind Farm Pty Ltd 66 MW wind Q5052277
Bluff Point Wind Farm 65 MW wind
Devils Gate Power Station Hydro Tasmania 63 MW Q5267403
Guthega Power Station Snowy Hydro 60 MW hydro Q5621737
Leichhardt Power Station APA Group 60 MW gas Q70451713
Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm 58 MW wind
Hume Power Station Trustpower 58 MW
Port Stanvac Power Station Snowy Hydro 58 MW diesel combustionQ48815653
Clements Gap Windfarm Pacific Hydro 57 MW wind Q5131513
Moree Solar Farm 56 MW solar photovoltaic
Barcaldine Solar Farm Elecnor Australia 55 MW solar photovoltaic
Lemonthyme Power Station Hydro Tasmania 54 MW Q6521428
Broken Hill Solar Plant AGL 53 MW solar photovoltaicQ81864527
Bluff Range Wind Farm AGL 52 MW wind wind_turbineQ66310560
Challicum Hills Wind Farm 52 MW wind
Angaston Power Station Snowy Hydro 50 MW diesel combustionQ48815649
Gannawarra Solar Farm Canadian Solar 50 MW solar photovoltaicQ56276227
Hunter Valley GT Power Station AGL Macquarie 50 MW gas
Kidston Solar Farm Genex Power 50 MW solar photovoltaicQ92767598
Parkes Solar Farm 50 MW solar photovoltaic
Warragamba Power Station 50 MW hydro Q7969919
Woodlawn Wind Farm Infigen Energy 48.30 MW wind Q14935044
Catagunya Power Station Hydro Tasmania 48.00 MW hydro Q5051199
Gunning Wind Farm ACCIONA Energy 46.50 MW wind
Canunda Wind Farm 46.00 MW wind Q5034104
Fisher Power Station Hydro Tasmania 46.00 MW Q5454834
Cape Nelson South Wind Farm 44.00 MW wind
Meadowbank Power Station Hydro Tasmania 41.80 MW Q6803307
Wayatinah Power Station Hydro Tasmania 38.30 MW hydro Q7975858
Ergon Power Station 37.00 MW gas combustionQ4859822
Katherine Power Station 36.00 MW gas combustion
Albany Wind Farm 35.40 MW wind wind_turbineQ4709403
Yimuyn Manjerr (Mount Todd) Power Station 35.00 MW gas combustion
Pine Creek Power Station Energy Development Limited (EDL) 34.76 MW
Starfish Hill Wind Farm 34.50 MW Q7601839
Mackay Gas Turbine Stanwell Corporation Limited ( 34.00 MW oil combustion
Daandine Power Station 33.14 MW gas combustion
Lake Echo Power Station Hydro Tasmania 32.60 MW hydro Q6475687
Wilmot Power Station Hydro Tasmania 32.00 MW Q8022839
Broadwater Sugarmill 30.00 MW biomass
Cullerin Range Wind Farm 30.00 MW wind
Paloona Power Station Hydro Tasmania 30.00 MW hydro Q7128643
Yambuk Wind Farm 30.00 MW wind
Repulse Power Station Hydro Tasmania 29.10 MW Q7314755
Clover Flat Power Station Substation AGL Energy 29.00 MW hydro
Yaloak South Wind Farm 28.70 MW wind
Burrinjuck Power Station Meridian Energy 26.00 MW hydro Q5000449
[unnamed] Cummins Power Generation 26.00 MW
[unnamed] 25.00 MW battery
Cape Sir William Grant Wind Farm 24.60 MW wind
Copeton Dam power station AGL Energy 22.50 MW hydro water-storage
Cape Nelson North Wind Farm 22.00 MW wind
Lonsdale Power Station Snowy Hydro 21.00 MW diesel combustionQ48815652
Toora Wind Farm 21.00 MW wind Q7824199
Emu Downs Solar Farm 20.00 MW solar photovoltaicQ78455539
Royalla Solar Farm 20.00 MW solar
White Rock Solar Farm Goldwind Capital Australia Pty Ltd 20.00 MW solar
Mortons Lane Wind Farm 19.50 MW wind
Cluny Power Station Hydro Tasmania 18.60 MW Q5136641
Codrington Wind Farm 18.20 MW wind
Tennant Creek Power Station 18.20 MW gas;diesel combustion
Wilga Park Power Station Santos 16.00 MW gas combustion
Dubbo Solar Hub Bouygues Construction 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Sunshine Coast Solar Farm 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Jounama Small Hydro Power Station Snowy Hydro 14.40 MW hydro
Swan Hill Solar Farm 14.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Mugga Lane Solar Farm 13.00 MW solar
Wonthaggi Wind Farm 12.30 MW wind
Butler Gorge Power Station Hydro Tasmania 12.20 MW Q5002701
Lakeland Solar and Storage 12.20 MW solar; battery
Williamsdale Solar Farm Impact Investment Group 11.14 MW solar
Rowallan Power Station Hydro Tasmania 10.50 MW Q1801072
Berrimah Power Station 10.00 MW Q4894720
Dubbo Solar Hub Bouygues Construction 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Gullen Solar Farm 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Blayney Wind Farm 9.90 MW wind Q4925581
Lake Margaret Power Station Hydro Tasmania 8.40 MW hydro
Teralba Envirogen Power Station Glencore 8.00 MW
Keepit Power Station Trust Power 7.20 MW hydro water-storage
Narre Warren Landfill Gas Fuelled Power Station EDL LFG (VIC) P/L 7.20 MW biogas combustion
King Island Advanced Hybrid Power Station Hydro Tasmania 6.10 MW diesel
Pindari Power Station AGL Energy 5.50 MW hydro water-storage
Oaky Power Station Essential Energy 5.25 MW hydro
Nymbioda Power Station Essential Energy 5.00 MW hydro water-storage
Schwartz Solar Farm Schwartz Family Company 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Summerhill Solar Farm Newcastle City Council 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Brown Mountain Power Station 4.95 MW hydro
Peterborough Solar Farm 4.90 MW
Crookwell Wind Farm Tilt Renewables 4.80 MW wind
Hepburn Wind Project 4.10 MW wind
Darwin Airport Solar Stage 1 4.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Woodlawn Bioreactor Veolia 4.00 MW gas
Nine Mile Beach Wind Farm 3.60 MW wind wind_turbine
Flinders Island Power Station Hydro Tasmania 3.00 MW
Blue Rock Power Station Pacific Energy 2.50 MW hydro water-storage
Huxley Hill Wind Farm Hydro Tasmania 2.45 MW wind
Majura Solar Farm 2.30 MW solar photovoltaic
Nieterana Mini Hydro Hydro Tasmania 2.20 MW
Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm 2.02 MW wind wind_turbineQ7699237
Garden Island Microgrid Carnegie 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Darwin Airport Solar Stage 2 1.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Mildura Solar Concentrator Power Station 1.50 MW Q6851041
[unnamed] 600 kW
Marble Bar Power Station Horizon Power 300 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Yurika 264 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 0 kW gas combined_cycle
Argyle Power Station fossil
Bamaga Power Station gas combustion
Berrybank Wind-farm wind
Bluewaters Power Station Q17001515
Brooklyn Power Station gas combustion
Collinsville Power Station Q5147465
Dalby Bio-Refinery
Daly Waters Power Station biofuel combustion
Deakin University Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Elliott Power Sation gas combustion
Greenough River Solar Farm Q5604379
Horizon Power Station
Jenolan Dam Power Station hydro
Karratha Power Station
Kwinana Power Station gas Q6450455
Melbourne Airport Solar Farm Melbourne Airport solar photovoltaic
Moorabool Wind Farm wind Q69740192
Mount Magnet power station
Musselroe Wind Farm wind wind_turbine
Newman Alinta Power Station
Nullagine Power Station Horizon Power
Port Hedland Power Station Q7230667
Redbank Power Station
Snowy 2.0 Snowy Hydro hydro Q104847746
Stucco’s Solar System solar photovoltaic
Swanbank Power Station
Uterne Solar Power Plant
Wallerawang Power Station (Closed) Delta Electricity
White Bay Power Station Q7994460
Worsley Refinery Power Station
Yanimar BHP Power Station
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Ergon Energy diesel
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] coal combustion
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] coal combustion
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic