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All 156 power plants in Pakistan
Name English Name Operator Output Source MethodWikidata
Terbela Power House WAPDA 3,478 MW hydro water-storageQ1551258
Guddu Thermal Station 1,655 MW oil;gas combustionQ5614555
Kot Addu Power Plant 1,600 MW oil;gas thermalQ6433725
Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project WAPDA 1,450 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ3445691
HUBCO Coal Power Project China Power Hub Generation Company (Private) Limited 1,320 MW coal combustion
Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant JTPP 1,320 MW oil combustion
Port Qasim Coal Power Plant Port Qasim Energy Holding 1,320 MW coal combustion
SSRL Thar Coal Block-I Shanghai Electric Power Company Limited 1,320 MW coal combustion
Sahiwal Coal Power Plant Huaneng Shandong and Shandong Ruyi 1,320 MW coal combustionQ24942715
Punjab Thermal Power Govt. of Punjab 1,235 MW gas combustion
Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant National Power Parks Management Company 1,230 MW gas combustionQ48732158
Chamsa Nuclear Power Complex Chamsa Nuclear Power Complex Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission 1,228 MW nuclear fissionQ82404
[unnamed] Balloki Power Plant 1,223 MW gas combustionQ11960095
Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant Jamshoro Power Company 1,054 MW oil combustion
Mangla Hydro-Power-Plant 1,000 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ1286541
Neelum–Jhelum WAPDA 969 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Lalpir & Pakgen Thermal Station Nishat Group 727 MW oil thermal
Karot Hydropower Project Karot Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd 720 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Engro Thar Coal Power Project Engro Power Gen Thar LTd. 660 MW coal combustion
Uch Power Plant 596 MW gas thermalQ7876646
Power Station Rousch 450 MW gas thermal
نندی پور تھرمل پاور پروجیکٹ Nandipur Thermal Power Project Nandipur Thermal Power Generation Company Ltd. 425 MW gas combustion
Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park QA Solar Power Ltd 400 MW solar photovoltaicQ18389850
AES Pak Gen Oil Power Plant 344 MW oil combustion
ThalNova Power Thar Limited HUBCO 330 MW coal combustion
Thar Energy Limited (TEL) HUBCO Power 330 MW coal coal combustion
TNB Liberty Daharki Power Plant 235 MW gas combustion
Orient Power Balloki Power Plant 228 MW diesel;gas;oil
Sahiwal Saif Power Limited Power Plant 225 MW gas combustion
اٹلس پاور پلانٹ Atlas Power Plant 214 MW oil combustion
Engro Energy CCGT Power Plant 200 MW gas thermal
KESC Korangi Creek Power Plant KESC Korangi Power Plant 200 MW gas combustion
نشاط پاور لمیٹڈ Nishat Power Limited 200 MW oil
Chashma Barrage Hydro 184 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Foundation Power Company 177 MW gas thermal
Attock Generation Oil Power Plant 165 MW oil combustion
Fauji Kabirwala Power Plant Fauji Kabirwala Power Company 157 MW gas thermal
Lakhra Coal Power Plant Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) 150 MW coal thermal
Patrind Hydropower Plant Star Hydro Power Pvt. Limited 150 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Gul Ahmed Energy Oil Power Plant 140 MW oil combustion
WAPDA Kotri CCGT Power Station 140 MW gas combustion
Dubair WAPDA 130 MW hydro water-pumped-storage
Japan Power Plant 130 MW oil combustion
[unnamed] Kohinoor Power Plant 130 MW oil combustion
Saba Power Plant 125 MW oil combustion
Allai Khwar Hydro Power WABDA 121 MW hydro
KESC SITE Gas Power Plant 120 MW gas combustion
Tapal Energy Power Plant 120 MW diesel
Southern Electric Power Plant 117 MW oil combustion
Gulpur Hydropower Plant Mira Power Private Limited 102 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ16247626
Kahn Khwar1 Hydro 100 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Jinnah Power House WAPDA 96 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Karachi Nuclear Power Plant 1 90 MW nuclear fissionQ1274134
Bong Escape Hydropower Project HUBCO 84 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ22952142
UEP 1 United Energy Pakistan Pvt. Limited 66 MW wind
Jhimpir Wind Power Plant Zorlu Enerji Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd 56 MW wind
Sapphire Wind Power Plant Sapphire Wind Power Company Limited 53 MW wind
CSE China Sunec Energy (Pvt) Ltd 50 MW wind
Foundation Wind Energy 1 Fauji Foundation Wind Energy-I Limited 50 MW wind
Foundation Wind Energy 2 Fauji Foundation Wind Energy-II Limited 50 MW wind
Gharo Solar Power Plant 50 MW solar
Heavy Water Production Plant 50 MW nuclear fission
Khushab Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant PAEC 50 MW coal
NSEPL Noor Solar Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. 50 MW wind
Plutonium Production 4 50 MW nuclear fission
[unnamed] Hydro China Dawood Power or Zephyr 50 MW wind
Sachal Sachal Energy Development Pvt. Ltd. 49.50 MW wind
TGL Tenaga Generasi Limited 49.50 MW wind
Three Gorges First Wind Farm Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited 49.50 MW wind wind_turbine
Koto Hydro Power Project Energy & Power Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 40.80 MW hydro run-of-the-river
UEP 2 United Energy Pakistan Pvt. Ltd 33.00 MW wind
Altern Energy Limited 29.00 MW gas combustion
Crescent Power Tech Ltd. 27.00 MW oil
Trimmu Hydropower Project Noor Power 19.20 MW hydro
Powerhouse IV 18.40 MW hydro water-storage
KAITU WEIR PROJECT WAPDA 18.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
anolia hydropower project Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organizatio 17.00 MW hydro
Nandipur Hydel Power Station WAPDA 13.80 MW hydro
Marala Hydropower Project Government of Punjab 7.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Kurram Garhi Hydropower Plant WAPDA 4.00 MW hydro
Kurram Garhi Hydropower Plant WAPDA 4.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Shadiwal Hydropower Plant WAPDA 0 kW hydro run-of-the-river
28 (DFL?) wind
29 (HAWA ?) HAWA Energy (Pvt.) Ltd wind
33 (WE1?) wind
Anoud Power Generation oil combustion
Bhikki Thermal Power Plant gas combustion
Bin Qasim Power Plant
Chichoki Malliyan Hydel Power Station hydro
FFBL Project Power Plant coal combustion
Fatima Kot Addu Power Plant coal combustion
Gadoon Mill Power Plant
Golen Gol Hydropower Project WAPDA hydro
Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited Gul Ahmed Energy Limited wind
Habibullah Coastal Power Plant gas combustion
Hubco Narowal Power Plant NTDC
Hubco Power Plant
IESCO Grid Station
Jamshoro Power Plant gas;oil;coal
Jari power house WAPDA hydro water-storage
Jhimpir Wind Energy Project Fauji Fertilizer Company Energy Limited wind
KANUPP 2&3 nuclear fissionQ1274134
Khushab Nuclear Complex nuclear
Lucky Star Yunus Yunus Energy Limited wind
Master Wind Energy Master Wind Energy (Pvt.) Ltd wind
Metro Power Plant Metro Power Company Limited wind
Plutonium Production 2 & 3 nuclear
Power Barge
Sapphire Electric Power Plant gas combustion
Shoghore Hydro Electric Power Station hydro
Skardu Grid Station PWD Skardu hydro hydroelectric
Skardu Power House II Skardu PWD hydro water-storage
Skardu Power Station I Skardu PWD hydro water-storage
Susoom Power Station
Three Gorges Second Wind Farm wind
WAPDA Faisalabad GTPS Power Station gas combustion
WAPDA Multan Gas Power Station gas combustion
Wapda Grid
بھکھی پاور پلانٹ Bhikki Power Plant gas combustion
رسول ہائیڈرو پاور پلانٹ Rasul Hydro Power Plant hydro
غازی بروتھا پن بجلی منصوبہ Ghazi Barotha Hydel Power
[unnamed] PWD Skardu oil combustion
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] JCPP coal combustion
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] coal combustion
[unnamed] solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] hydro
[unnamed] PWD Skardu oil combustion