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All 5752 power plants in the United States
NameOperator Output Source MethodWikidata
Grand Coulee Dam 6,809 MW hydro water-storageQ930391
Hal B. Wansley Powerplant Georgia Power Company 4,310 MW coal;oil;gas
W. A. Parish Electric Generating Station NRG Energy 4,000 MW coal;gas
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Arizona Public Service Company 3,937 MW nuclear fissionQ1508667
West County Energy Center Florida Power & Light Company 3,750 MW gas combustion
Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station Florida Power & Light 3,650 MW nuclear fissionQ1739486
Robert W Scherer Power Plant 3,520 MW coal combustionQ7201493
PSEG Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Stations PSEG 3,470 MW nuclear Q1516276
Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 3,400 MW nuclear fissionQ1650555
Crystal River Power Plant Duke Energy Florida, LLC 3,326 MW gas combustionQ5191336
Monroe Power Plant Detroit Edison 3,300 MW coal combustionQ2944698
Plant Bowen Georgia Power (Southern Company) 3,232 MW coal combustionQ2247303
Gibson Generating Station Duke Energy 3,145 MW coal combustionQ2944666
Calaveras Power Station CPS Energy 3,010 MW coal;gas Q55315774
Bath County Pumped Storage Station 3,003 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ119214
John Amos Power Plant 2,933 MW coal Q11978950
Bruce Mansfield Power Station FirstEnergy Generation Corp 2,741 MW coal combustionQ991403
South Texas Project Electric Generating Station South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company 2,700 MW nuclear fissionQ371357
Barry Electric Generating Plant 2,671 MW gas;coal Q6138357
Peach Bottom Power Plant Exelon Nuclear 2,658 MW nuclear fissionQ1535402
James H. Miller, Jr. Electric Generating Plant 2,640 MW coal combustionQ11977952
Chief Joseph Powerhouse 2,620 MW hydro Q1072291
James M. Gavin Power Plant 2,600 MW coal combustionQ5528247
Oak Creek Power Plant WE Energies 2,600 MW coal combustionQ7073448
Rockport Generating Station Indiana Michigan Power 2,600 MW coal combustionQ3438152
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Talen Energy 2,600 MW nuclear Q611354
Trimble County Generating Station 2,600 MW coal Q7842146
Robert Moses Power Plant 2,525 MW hydro Q2944554
Plant McDonough-Atkinson Georgia Power 2,520 MW gas combustionQ108197039
Oconee Nuclear Station Duke Energy 2,500 MW nuclear fissionQ1426933
Oconee Nuclear Station 2,500 MW nuclear fissionQ1426933
Roxboro Steam Electric Plant 2,500 MW coal combustionQ30116031
Byron Nuclear Power Plant 2,484 MW nuclear Q1247509
Gila River Power Station Entegra Power Group LLC 2,476 MW gas combustion
Cumberland Fossil Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 2,470 MW coal combustionQ2796942
Sequoyah Nuclear Generating Station 2,440 MW nuclear fissionQ1639556
Union Power Project 2,428 MW gas combustion
Fort Myers Plant Florida Power & Light 2,403 MW gas;oil
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant Luminant 2,400 MW nuclear fissionQ1432276
Sherco Power Xcel Energy 2,400 MW coal combustionQ7494771
Cross Generating Station 2,390 MW coal combustionQ104860063
Labadie Energy Center Ameren Missouri 2,389 MW coal combustion
Martin Lake Power Plant 2,379 MW coal Q21946840
Martin Power Plant FPL Florida Power & Light 2,342 MW gas;solar combustion
Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station 2,330 MW nuclear Q674107
J. M. Stuart Station Dayton Power & Light; Duke Energy Ohio; American Electric Power 2,318 MW coal Q19375998
LaSalle Generating Station Exelon Corporation 2,313 MW nuclear Q1418603
Vogtle Electric Generating Plant Georgia Power Co 2,302 MW nuclear fissionQ947549
Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Exelon Generation Co., LLC 2,268 MW nuclear Q1516266
Catawba Nuclear Station 2,258 MW nuclear fissionQ1517795
Sammis Power Plant 2,230 MW coal combustionQ2142814
Ghent Generating Station 2,226 MW coal Q5556231
Diablo Canyon Power Plant Pacific Gas and Electric 2,200 MW nuclear fissionQ1516546
McGuire Nuclear Station 2,200 MW nuclear Q24068
Belews Creek Steam Station Duke Energy 2,160 MW coal combustionQ14707870
Jeffrey Energy Center 2,160 MW coal combustion
John Day Powerhouse United States Army Corps of Engineers 2,160 MW hydro Q689531
Jim Bridger Plant PacifiCorp 2,123 MW coal combustion
D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant 2,110 MW nuclear Q605091
Earnest C Gaston Steam Plant 2,103 MW coal combustionQ30625251
The Dalles Powerhouse 2,100 MW hydro Q535403
Millstone Nuclear Power Plant 2,098 MW nuclear Q2944605
Colstrip Power Plant 2,094 MW coal combustion
Marshall Steam Station Duke Energy 2,090 MW coal combustionQ6773788
Hoover Dam United States Bureau of Reclamation 2,080 MW hydro Q172822
Ninemile Point Entergy 2,074 MW gas combustion
Indian Point Energy Center Entergy 2,069 MW nuclear Q1516614
Cedar Bayou Station NRG Energy 2,066 MW gas combustion
Harrison Power Station FirstEnergy 2,052 MW coal combustionQ3436126
Chalk Point Generating Station NRG Energy 2,046 MW coal;gas;oil combustionQ5068815
H.L. Culbreath Bayside Power Station Tampa Electric 2,040 MW gas combustionQ17779628
Ravenswood Generating Station LS Power/Helix Ravenswood, LLC 2,030 MW gas combustionQ12066941
FPL Sanford Power Plant 2,010 MW gas combustion
R.M. Schahfer Generating Station 2,000 MW gas;coal
Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant FPL 2,000 MW nuclear Q1579871
Victor J. Daniel Electric Generating Plant 2,000 MW coal;gas Q7201473
Mystic Power Station Exelon 1,993 MW gas combustionQ19885357
Saint Clair Power Plant Detroit Edson 1,982 MW coal;oil Q7587585
Brunswick Nuclear Generating Station 1,980 MW nuclear fissionQ1516539
Alamitos Generating Station AES 1,922 MW gas combustion
Hines Energy Complex DUKE Duke Energy 1,912 MW gas combustion
Smith Energy Complex combustion turbine Duke 1,904 MW gas combustion
Homer City Generating Station NRG Homer City Services LLC 1,900 MW coal combustionQ2940052
North Anna Nuclear Generating Station Virginia Electric & Power Co 1,892 MW nuclear Q1637580
Beaver Valley Nuclear Generating Station 1,890 MW nuclear fissionQ1735267
Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant Consumers Energy 1,872 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ374898
Plant Franklin Southern Power 1,857 MW gas combustion
Cardinal Plant AEP 1,830 MW coal combustionQ19372239
Arkansas Nuclear One 1,824 MW nuclear fissionQ985274
Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station 1,824 MW nuclear fissionQ2944614
Stanton Energy Center Orlando Utilities Commission 1,823 MW coal;gas
Baldwin Energy Complex Dynegy 1,815 MW coal combustion
Delta Intermountain Power Project 1,800 MW coal combustionQ14711594
White Bluff Power Plant Entergy 1,800 MW coal Q2188703
Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station 1,760 MW nuclear Q654974
Petersburg Generating Station Indianapolis Power & Light 1,741 MW coal combustionQ7178184
Hatch Nuclear Plant South 1,726 MW nuclear fissionQ1516337
Lauderdale Power Plant Florida Power & Light 1,724 MW gas;oil
Okeechobee Clean Energy Center Florida Power & Light Co 1,723 MW gas combustion
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Exelon 1,718 MW nuclear fissionQ1739367
Mill Creek Generating Station 1,717 MW coal combustionQ6858279
Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Generating Station Sothern Nuclear 1,711 MW nuclear fission
Keystone Generating Station KeyCon Operating LLC 1,711 MW coal combustionQ6398461
Greensville County Power Station Virginia Electric & Power Co 1,710 MW gas combustion
Laramie River Station Basin Electric Power Coop 1,710 MW coal combustion
Big Cajun II Louisiana Generating LLC 1,700 MW coal;gas
Conemaugh Generating Station KeyCon Operating LLC 1,700 MW coal combustionQ2339858
Dresden Generating Station Exelon 1,700 MW nuclear fissionQ1516283
Independence Power Plant Entergy Arkansas 1,700 MW coal combustionQ2583825
Kingston Steam Plant 1,700 MW coal Q2465266
Martin's Creek Power Plant Talen Energy 1,700 MW oil;gas
Muskogee Power Plant Oklahoma Gas & Electric 1,700 MW coal;gas
Limestone Electric Generating Station NRG Energy 1,690 MW coal combustion
[unnamed] City of Naperville 1,684 MW solar photovoltaic
San Juan plant PNM 1,683 MW coal combustion
Oak Grove Power Plant Luminant 1,665 MW coal combustionQ54871308
Belle River Power Plant Detroit Edison 1,664 MW coal combustionQ4883686
D.E. Karn Generating Plant Consumers Energy Co 1,662 MW gas;coal
Mount Storm Power Station 1,662 MW coal combustionQ6923900
Possum Point Power Station 1,661 MW gas;oil combustion
Fayette Power Project Lower Colorado River Authority 1,650 MW coal combustionQ5439027
Midlothian Energy Facility 1,650 MW gas combustion
E.W. Brown Generating Station Kentucky Utilities 1,644 MW gas;coal;oil;solar Q5322201
Chesterfield Power Station 1,640 MW coal combustion
Midland Cogeneration Venture Borealis Infrastructure 1,633 MW gas Q1495182
Mitchell Power Plant 1,633 MW coal combustionQ3348669
Braunig Power Station CPS Energy 1,604 MW gas combustion
Dominion Surry Power Station Dominion Energy 1,600 MW nuclear fissionQ1567468
Prairie State Energy Campus 1,600 MW coal
Colorado Bend Power Plant Exelon 1,592 MW gas combustion
Sabine Power Plant Entergy 1,592 MW gas combustionQ11999047
Haynes Generating Station Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 1,585 MW gas combustion
J. Robert Welsh Power Plant Southwestern Electric Power 1,584 MW coal combustionQ6106964
La Cygne Kansas City Power & Light 1,578 MW coal Q19378685
Linden Generating Station PSEG 1,578 MW gas combustion
Iatan Generating Station Kansas City Power & Light 1,576 MW coal
Springerville Generating Station 1,560 MW coal
Brame Energy Center Cleco Power 1,542 MW gas;oil;coal
Four Corners Generating Station APS 1,540 MW coal combustion
Panda Temple Power Station PPG - O&M Panda Temple Power LLC 1,540 MW gas combustion
Powerton Generating Station NRG 1,538 MW coal
Council Bluffs Energy Center MidAmerican Energy 1,517 MW coal combustion
Ormond Beach Generating Station GenOn 1,516 MW gas combustion
Montour Power Plant Talen Energy 1,504 MW coal combustion
Northport Power Station National Grid USA 1,500 MW gas;oil Q7059628
Lackawanna Energy Center Invenergy Services LLC 1,479 MW gas combustion
Morgantown Generating Station 1,477 MW coal;oil combustionQ2944692
Lagoon Creek Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 1,466 MW gas;oil
Grand River Energy Center Grand River Dam Authority 1,460 MW coal combustion
Canal Power Station NRG Canal 3 Development LLC 1,459 MW oil;gas Q5031000
Brunner Island Power Station Brunner Island LLC 1,411 MW gas;coal combustionQ992876
York Energy Center Calpine Mid-Merit LLC 1,404 MW gas combustionQ11965058
Grand Gulf Nuclear Generating Station System Energy Resources, Inc 1,401 MW nuclear fissionQ571906
McIntosh Combined Cycle Facility Georgia Power Co 1,374 MW gas
Johnsonville Combustion Turbine Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 1,372 MW gas Q11979092
Warren County Power Station Dominion 1,370 MW gas combustion
Pleasants Power Station 1,368 MW coal combustionQ7204138
Gerald Gentleman Station Nebraska Public Power District 1,365 MW coal
Brunswick County Power Station Dominion Energy 1,358 MW gas combustion
Saint John's River Power Plant Florida Power & Light 1,358 MW coal combustion
Elwood Energy JPower 1,350 MW gas combustion
Centralia Power Plant 1,340 MW coal;gas Q5062187
Santan Generating Station Salt River Project 1,339 MW gas combustion
E B Harris Electric Generating Plant Southern Power 1,318 MW gas combustion
Doswell Energy Center Doswell Ltd Partnership 1,316 MW gas combustion
OPPD Nebraska City Power Station 1,312 MW coal
Clifty Creek Generating Station Ohio Valley Electric Corporation 1,304 MW coal combustionQ2677866
Callaway Nuclear Generating Station 1,300 MW nuclear Q1493850
Calpine Bethlehem Energy Center 1,300 MW gas combustion
Mountaineer Plant American Electric Power 1,300 MW coal combustionQ2194720
Northside Generating Plant Jacksonville Electric Authority 1,300 MW gas;oil;coal
Rocky Reach Powerhouse Chelan County Public Utility District 1,300 MW hydro Q7355982
Rogers Energy Complex 1,300 MW coal combustion
Seminole Generating Station SECI Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. 1,300 MW coal combustion
W. H. Zimmer Generating Station Duke Energy Ohio;Dayton Power & Light;American Electric Power 1,300 MW coal Q8010688
Glen Canyon Powerplant United States Bureau of Reclamation 1,296 MW hydro water-storageQ1530724
Hanging Rock Energy Facility 1,288 MW gas combustionQ11973903
Craig Power Station Tri-State G & T Assn, Inc 1,285 MW coal combustion
Spurlock Power Station 1,279 MW coal combustion
Brandon Shores Generating Station Raven Power 1,273 MW coal Q4957061
[unnamed] Exelon Power 1,265 MW gas combustion
Greene County Electric Generating Plant 1,256 MW gas combustion
Wolf Creek Generating Station 1,250 MW nuclear Q163911
Mesquite Power Generating Station Mesquite Power LLC;Salt River Project 1,249 MW gas combustion
Astoria Energy Combined Cycle Plant Astoria Energy 1,245 MW gas combustion
Roseton Power Station 1,242 MW oil combustion
Rush Island Power Station Union Electric Company 1,242 MW coal combustion
Perry Nuclear Power Plant First Energy Nuclear Operating Corporation 1,230 MW nuclear fissionQ969222
Redbud Power Plant 1,230 MW gas combustion
Bergen Generating Station PSEG 1,229 MW gas combustionQ16966660
Cottonwood Energy Project Cottonwood Energy Co LP 1,220 MW gas combustion
Tenaska Kiamichi Generating Station Tenaska 1,220 MW gas combustion
Bonneville powerhouses 1,218 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ892800
Helms Pumped Storage Plant Pacific Gas and Electric Company 1,212 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ14682193
Riviera Power Plant Florida Power & Light 1,212 MW gas;oil
Cape Canaveral Power Plant FPL Florida Power & Light 1,210 MW gas;oil
Coal Creek Power Station Great River Energy 1,210 MW coal combustionQ5137722
Kendall Energy Facility Dynegy 1,209 MW gas combustion
Shawnee Fossil Plant TVA 1,206 MW coal combustionQ7491519
Deer Park Energy Center Calpine 1,204 MW gas combustion
Lake Side Power Plant Pacificorp 1,203 MW gas combustion
Roy S. Nelson Generating Plant Entergy Louisiana LLC 1,201 MW gas;oil;coal combustion
Jack County Power Station Brazos Electric 1,200 MW gas combustion
Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station Duke Energy Carolinas 1,200 MW gas combustion
Oneta Energy Center 1,200 MW gas combustion
Seabrook Station 1,194 MW nuclear Q475652
New Madrid Associated Electric Coop, Inc 1,182 MW coal combustion
Point Beach Nuclear Plant 1,182 MW nuclear fissionQ1536231
Port Washington WE Energies 1,182 MW gas combustion
Sebree Station 1,180 MW coal Q7442811
Castaic Power Plant LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER 1,175 MW hydro Q5049579
Columbia Generating Station 1,170 MW nuclear fissionQ1516618
Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant TVA 1,167 MW nuclear Q1739496
Lost Pines Power Park Lower Colorado River Authority 1,163 MW gas Q6684181
Acadia Energy Center Cleco Power LLC 1,160 MW gas combustion
Waterford 3 Nuclear Generating Station Entergy Nuclear Operations 1,159 MW nuclear fissionQ1739494
G.G. Allen Steam Plant Duke 1,155 MW coal combustionQ5512241
Winyah Generating Station 1,155 MW coal combustion
Fort Martin Power Station 1,152 MW coal combustion
Odessa Ector Power Partners 1,152 MW gas combustion
Manatee Power Plant Florida Power & Light 1,150 MW gas combustion
Riverside Generating Riverside Generating LLC 1,150 MW gas combustion
TVA Paradise Combined Cycle Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 1,150 MW gas
Northfield Mountain 1,143 MW hydro Q18155195
Blenheim-Gilboa Hydroelectric Power Station New York Power Authority 1,134 MW hydro Q4926041
Bartow Power Plant Duke Energy 1,133 MW gas;oil
Hunter Power Plant Pacificorp 1,132 MW coal combustion
McNary Powerhouse 1,127 MW hydro
Panda Hummel Station Panda Hummel Station LLC 1,124 MW gas combustion
Kincaid Power Station Dynegy 1,108 MW coal combustion
Cayuga Station Duke Energy 1,104 MW coal combustion
Edward W. Clark Generating Station 1,103 MW gas combustionQ5345737
Chuck Lenzie Generating Station 1,102 MW gas combustionQ5115584
Allen Combined Cycle Plant 1,100 MW gas Q51756584
CPV Fairview Energy Center Competitive Power Ventures 1,100 MW gas combustion
Dominion Fairless Energy 1,100 MW gas combustion
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station 1,100 MW nuclear fissionQ522938
Harquahala Generating Station Talen Energy 1,100 MW gas combustion
Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant 1,100 MW nuclear Q2944613
Hawthorn Station 1,095 MW coal;gas
Rocky Mountain Hydroelectric Plant Oglethorpe Power 1,095 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ7355906
Harding Street Station Indianapolis Power & Light 1,094 MW coal;gas;oil Q5656124
Wildcat Point Generation Facility Old Dominion Electric Coop 1,087 MW gas combustion
Kyger Creek Power Plant 1,086 MW coal combustionQ2436683
Merom Power Station 1,080 MW coal combustionQ6819937
Clinton Power Station Exelon Corporation 1,078 MW nuclear Q1739379
Guadalupe Power Partners Generating Station 1,074 MW gas combustion
Muddy Run Pumped Storage Facility Exelon Power 1,072 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ6931686
Siemens Energy AECI Chouteau - KAMO Power Plant Siemens Energy AECI 1,070 MW gas combustion
Wolf Hollow II power plant Exelon Power 1,069 MW gas combustion
Tolk Generating Station 1,067 MW coal
Bad Creek Hydroelectric Station Duke Energy 1,065 MW hydro Q4840247
Moss Landing Power Plant Dynegy 1,060 MW gas combustionQ11990070
Oregon Clean Energy Center Oregon Clean Energy Center 1,060 MW gas combustion
Riverside Power Station Public Service Company of Oklahoma 1,060 MW gas combustion
Tenaska Westmoreland Generating Station Tenaska Pennsylvania Partners, LLC 1,055 MW gas combustion
JK Smith Generating Station East Kentucky Power Cooperative 1,055 MW gas;oil combustion
Joliet 29 Generating Station Midwest Generations EME LLC 1,044 MW gas combustion
Moxie Freedom Generation Plant Moxie Freedom LLC 1,042 MW gas combustion
Boundary Dam Powerhouse Seattle City Light 1,040 MW hydro water-storageQ3435288
Covert Generating Project 1,040 MW gas combustion
Wanapum Powerhouse 1,040 MW hydro Q7967061
Freestone Energy Center Calpine 1,036 MW gas combustion
Frank A. Tracy Generating Station 1,021 MW gas combustionQ5484912
Columbia Energy Center 1,020 MW coal Q14522779
Harrington Generating Station Xcel Energy 1,018 MW coal combustion
Paradise Fossil Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 1,017 MW coal combustionQ7134272
W.S. Lee Steam Station Duke Energy 1,014 MW gas combustion
Anclote Power Plant DUKE Duke Energy 1,011 MW gas combustion
Redhawk Power Station Arizona Public Service Company 1,007 MW gas combustion
West Phoenix Arizona Public Service Co 1,006 MW gas combustion
Cayuga Power Plant AES 1,004 MW coal
Joppa Generating Station Electric Energy Inc 1,002 MW coal combustion
Fort St. Vrain Generating Station 1,000 MW gas combustionQ1484729
Hickory Run Energy Station Tyr Energy 1,000 MW gas combustion
St. Charles Power Station Entergy Louisiana LLC 1,000 MW gas combustionQ19380001
Lake Charles Power Entergy Louisiana LLC 994 MW gas combustion
Plant Rowan Southern Power 985 MW gas combustion
Intercession City Plant DUKE Progress Energy 982 MW gas combustion
Rolling Hills Generating Station Tenaska 978 MW gas combustionQ19386877
Herbert A. Wagner Generating Station Raven Power 977 MW coal;oil;gas Q5733435
Gallatin Steam Plant TVA 976 MW coal combustion
Barney Davis Power Plant Talen Energy 975 MW gas combustion
River Bend Nuclear Generating Station Entergy Nuclear Operations 974 MW nuclear fissionQ290561
Sandy Creek Energy Station 970 MW coal combustion
Zeeland Generating Station Consumers Energy Co 970 MW gas combustion
Hays Energy Project 968 MW gas combustion
Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station SCE&G 966 MW nuclear fissionQ1557235
Astoria Generating Station U S Power Generating Company LLC 958 MW gas combustion
Decker Creek Power Station Austin Energy 958 MW gas combustion
Priest Rapids Powerhouse 956 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ2885403
Little Gypsy power plant Entergy Louisiana LLC 941 MW gas combustion
Polk Power Station TECO 940 MW coal;gas;oil
Tenaska Frontier Generating Station Tenaska 939 MW gas combustion
Plaquemine Cogeneration Plant Dow Chemical Co 933 MW gas combustion
Tenaska Gateway Generating Station Tenaska 933 MW gas combustion
Little Goose Powerhouse 932 MW hydro
James F. Crist Generating Plant 930 MW coal combustion
Lower Monumental Powerhouse 930 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ6693635
Jasper Generating Plant South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 924 MW gas combustion
Meremec Power Station Ameren 923 MW coal;gas
H.F. Lee Combined Cycle Plant Duke Energy 920 MW gas combustion
Magnolia Power Plant TVA 920 MW gas combustion
Ladysmith CT Virginia Electric & Power Co 915 MW gas combustion
Lake Hubbard Station Luminant Generation Company LLC 915 MW gas combustion
Green Country Energy JPower 903 MW gas combustion
Harris Nuclear Plant Duke Energy 900 MW nuclear fissionQ1568903
Medulla Generating Station (MGS) SECI Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc 900 MW gas combustion
Reliant Energy Choctaw Plant Reliant Energy 899 MW gas combustion
Huntington Plant Pacificorp 895 MW coal combustion
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company 889 MW nuclear fissionQ1739392
Tenaska Virginia Generating Station 885 MW gas combustion
Delta Energy Center Calpine 880 MW gas combustion
John Sevier Steam Plant TVA 880 MW gas combustionQ11979050
Dickerson Generating Station GenOn Mid-Atlantic LLC 871 MW gas;oil;coal Q5273642
Waterford 1 & 2 power plant Entergy Louisiana LLC 866 MW gas;oil Q12010422
Bull Run Steam Plant 865 MW coal combustionQ11962572
Clover Power Station 865 MW coal combustion
Taft Cogeneration Facility Occidental Chemical Corporation 865 MW gas combustion
Wayne County Plant Duke Energy 863 MW gas
Batesville Generation Facility Cooperative Energy 858 MW gas combustion
Broad River Broad River Energy 850 MW gas combustion
Comanche Generating Station 850 MW coal combustion
Rio Nogales Power Project CPS Energy 848 MW gas combustion
Shepherds Flat Wind Farm 845 MW wind
Baytown Energy Center Calpine 842 MW gas combustion
Lake Road Generating Plant Lake Road Generating Company LLC 840 MW gas combustion
Asheville Plant Duke Energy 838 MW coal combustion
James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant 838 MW nuclear Q1516622
Gordon Evans Energy Center Westar Energy 831 MW gas;diesel
Jones Generating Station Xcel Energy 824 MW gas combustion
Edward Hyatt Powerplant California Department of Water Resources 819 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ1425594
Miami Fort Station Duke Energy Ohio 818 MW coal;oil Q6827316
Hunterstown Generating Station 810 MW gas combustion
Lower Granite Powerhouse United States Army Corps of Engineers 810 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ374380
Channel Energy Center Calpine 808 MW gas combustion
Mountain Creek Generating Station Exelon 808 MW gas combustion
CPV Towantic Energy Center CPV Towantic LLC 805 MW gas;oil
Huntley Generating Station NRG 800 MW coal
Lee Energy Facility Duke Energy 800 MW gas combustion
Palisades Nuclear Generating Station Entergy 800 MW nuclear Q533357
Darlington Plant 799 MW gas;oil
Scattergood Generating Station Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 796 MW gas combustion
Troy Energy LLC Troy Energy LLC 796 MW gas combustion
Oleander Plant Southern Power Company 791 MW gas combustion
Granite Ridge Granite Ridge Energy LLC 790 MW gas combustion
Wolf Hollow I power plant Wolf Hollow I Power, LLC 788 MW gas combustionQ12010768
Ouachita Power Station Entergy Louisiana LLC 787 MW gas combustion
Greenwood Energy Center DTE Energy Electric Company 785 MW gas;oil
Oahe Powerhouse 784 MW hydro Q65204173
Pasadena Power Plant Calpine 781 MW gas combustion
Pastoria Energy Facility 780 MW gas combustionQ84156521
Panda Stonewall Power Plant PJM Interconnection 778 MW gas combustion
Southaven Combined-Cycle Plant TVA 774 MW gas combustion
Wells Dam 774 MW hydro Q7981641
T. H. Wharton Power Plant NRG Energy 772 MW gas combustion
Cooper Nuclear Power Station Nebraska Public Power District 770 MW nuclear Q1739383
Caledonia Gas Turbine Power Station TVA 765 MW gas combustion
Plant Jack Watson Mississippi Power Company 762 MW gas combustion
Bosque Energy Center Calpine 762 MW gas combustion
Marsh Landing Generating Station GenOn Energy Inc. 760 MW gas combustion
Bethlehem Energy Center PSEG 757 MW gas;oil
Plant Dahlberg Southern Power 756 MW gas combustion
Dave Johnston Plant Pacificorp 755 MW coal combustion
PSEG Keys Energy Center PSEG Power 755 MW gas
Dearborn Industrial Generation CMS Energy 752 MW gas combustion
Rock Springs Generation Facility Essential Power Rock Springs LLC 752 MW gas combustion
West Deptford Power Station LS Power 751 MW gas combustion
Lincoln Generating Facility Lincoln Generating Facility LLC 747 MW gas combustion
Perryville Power Station Entergy Louisiana LLC 745 MW gas combustion
Antelope Elk Energy Center Golden Spread Electric Cooperative 740 MW gas
Fremont Energy Center Power Plant Fremont Energy Center 740 MW gas combustion
Louisa Generating Station 738 MW coal
Coughlin Power Station Cleco Power LLC 738 MW gas combustion
Mayo Generating Plant Carolina Power & Light 736 MW coal combustion
H. B. Robinson Nuclear Generating Station 735 MW nuclear Q836576
Newark Energy Center Newark Energy Center, LLC 735 MW gas combustion
Wise County Power Wise County Power Company LLC 734 MW gas combustion
Fore River Energy Center Calpine 731 MW gas combustion
Ottumwa Generating Station Interstate Power and Light 726 MW coal combustion
Con Ed East River Station Consolidated Edison 723 MW gas combustion
Mankato Energy Center Southern Power Co 720 MW gas combustion
Plant Cleveland Southern Power 720 MW gas
Clinch River Plant AEP 714 MW gas
Magic Valley Generating Station Calpine 712 MW gas combustion
Salem Harbor Station Footprint Salem Harbor Development LP 710 MW gas combustionQ15274570
Brandy Branch Power Plant JEA JEA 710 MW gas combustion
Jocassee Hydroelectric Station Duke Energy 710 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ6207062
Ackerman Combined Cycle Plant TVA 705 MW gas combustion
Edward L. Addison Generating Plant Southern Power 701 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] Calpine 700 MW geothermal Q3109025
George Neal Station South MidAmerican Energy 696 MW coal combustion
Longview Plant 695 MW coal combustionQ25021529
Lansing Smith Electric Generating Plant 692 MW gas combustion
Marshalltown Generating Station Interstate Power and Light Co 690 MW gas combustion
Armstrong Power Plant Armstrong Power LLC 688 MW gas combustion
Naughton Coal Plant PacifiCorp 687 MW coal combustion
Wateree Electric Plant South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 685 MW coal combustion
Cinergy Madison Generating Station Duke Energy Ohio 680 MW gas combustion
Plum Point Energy Station NRG Energy Services - Plum Point 680 MW coal combustion
Valley Energy Center Competitive Power Ventures, Inc.. 680 MW gas
Vandolah Power Plant VPC Vandolah Power Company LLC 680 MW gas;oil
Shasta Powerplant 676 MW hydro
East Bend Power Plant 669 MW coal
Rawhide Energy Station Platte River Power Authority 668 MW coal;gas combustion
Etiwanda Generating Station GenOn California South, LP 666 MW gas combustion
Leland Olds Station Basin Electric Power Cooperative 666 MW coal combustion
Wilson Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 663 MW hydro Q2885002
Killen Station Dayton Power & Light;Duke Energy Ohio 660 MW coal Q19377132
Magnet Cove Generating Station AECC 660 MW gas combustion
Colusa Generation Station PG&E 657 MW gas combustion
Formosa Cogeneration Plant Formosa Plastics 655 MW gas
Nueces Bay Power Plant Talen Energy 655 MW gas
Ocotillo Power Plant Arizona Public Service Company 653 MW gas combustion
Coleto Creek Power Station Dynegy 650 MW coal combustion
Dolet Hills Power Station CLECO 650 MW coal combustionQ104835760
Grays Harbor Energy 650 MW gas combustion
Oklaunion Power Plant 650 MW coal combustionQ11993281
Urquhart Station South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 650 MW gas combustion
E.D. Edwards Generation Plant Illinois Power Resources Generating LLC 644 MW coal combustion
Bayonne Energy Center Bayonne Energy Center LLC 644 MW gas combustionQ19866158
Osprey Energy Center Power Plant Calpine 644 MW gas combustion
Cane Run Generating Station 640 MW gas Q5032215
Cane Run Unit 7 Louisville Gas and Electric Company 640 MW gas combustion
Gowanus Power Plant U S Power Generating Company LLC 640 MW oil;gas combustion
Mill Creek Combustion Turbine Station Duke 640 MW gas combustion
DeBary Power Plant DUKE Progress Energy 638 MW gas;oil
Cheswick Power Station 637 MW coal
Empire Generating Project 635 MW gas combustion
Southwestern Power Plant AEP 632 MW gas combustion
Dogwood Energy Facility 630 MW gas combustion
Hermiston Power Projects 630 MW gas combustion
Holland Energy Facility 630 MW gas
Harry Allen Generating Station 628 MW gas combustionQ5666883
Agua Fria Generating Station SRP 626 MW gas;oil combustion
Arsenal Hill Power Plant Southwestern Electric Power Company 624 MW gas combustion
Bluegrass Generating Station East Kentucky Power Cooperative 624 MW gas combustion
Marshall Energy Facility Tennessee Valley Authority 621 MW gas combustion
Buck Combined Cycle Station Duke Energy 620 MW gas combustion
Dan River Combined Cycle Station Duke Energy 620 MW gas
Hot Spring Generating Station Entergy 620 MW gas combustion
Russell City Energy Center Calpine 619 MW gas combustionQ7381417
Edwardsport Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Duke Energy 618 MW coal combustionQ5346152
Fox Energy Center 618 MW gas combustionQ24266572
San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm 615 MW wind Q3068982
Green Power 2 Power Plant Marathon 611 MW gas
Williams Station South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 610 MW coal combustion
John W. Turk Jr. Power Plant Southwestern Electric Power Co (SWEPCO) 609 MW coal combustionQ16892941
Otay Mesa Energy Center Calpine 608 MW gas combustion
Remington Power Station Dominion 608 MW gas combustion
Emery Generating Station Interstate Power & Light Co. 603 MW gas
Calpine Metcalf Energy Center Calpine 600 MW gas combustionQ6823345
Gallatin Combustion Turbine Plant TVA 600 MW gas
Lakefield Junction Station Great River Energy 600 MW gas;oil
Libby Dam Powerhouse 600 MW hydro
Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Xcel Energy 600 MW nuclear fissionQ1537026
Rush Creek I and II Wind Farms Xcel Energy 600 MW wind
Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center Dominion Energy 600 MW coal Q55316118
Bear Garden Power Station 590 MW gas combustion
Allen S. King Plant Xcel Energy 588 MW coal combustion
Brownlee powerhouse Idaho Power 585 MW hydro
George Neal Station North MidAmerican Energy 584 MW coal combustion
Duane Arnold Energy Center NextEra Energy Resources 581 MW nuclear Q928750
Arlington Valley Energy Facility Arlington Valley LLC 580 MW gas combustion
Gateway Generating Station 580 MW gas combustion
R.E. Ginna Nuclear Station CENG 580 MW nuclear Q2944597
ANP Bellingham Energy Project 578 MW gas combustion
ANP Blackstone Energy Project 578 MW gas combustion
Desert Basin Generating Station SRP 577 MW gas combustion
Fairfield Pumped Storage South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 576 MW hydro Q65209159
Coolidge Generation Station Salt River Project 572 MW gas combustion
Griffith Energy Facility 570 MW gas combustion
Harrison County Power Project Entergy 570 MW gas combustion
High Bridge Power Plant Xcel Energy 570 MW gas combustion
Luna Energy Facility PNM 570 MW gas combustion
Sand Hill Energy Center Austin Energy 570 MW gas combustion
Kewaunee Power Station 556 MW nuclear Q1514659
Louisa Generation Facility Old Dominion Electric Coop 555 MW gas combustion
Sutter Energy Center Calpine Corp-Sutter 555 MW gas combustion
Bastrop Energy Center Bastrop Energy Partners 552 MW gas combustion
Copper Mountain Solar Facility Sempra US Gas & Power 552 MW solar photovoltaicQ5168756
Westbrook Energy Center Calpine 552 MW gas combustion
Boardman Coal Plant 550 MW coal Q4931425
Currant Creek Power Plant Pacificorp 550 MW gas combustion
Desert Sunlight Solar Farm 550 MW solar photovoltaic
Palomar Energy Center 550 MW gas combustion
Quail Run Energy Center 550 MW gas
Topaz Solar Farm First Solar, Inc. 550 MW solar Q3532062
Harry L. Oswald Generating Station AECC 548 MW gas combustion
Sabine River Works Performance Materials NA, Inc. 548 MW gas
Carville Energy Carville Energy LLC 541 MW gas combustion
University Park North Energy Center LSP University Park LLC 540 MW gas combustion
Charles R. Lowman Power Plant 538 MW coal combustion
Lower Mount Bethel PPL Plant 538 MW gas combustion
Blandford Effingham County Power, LLC 532 MW gas combustion
Conowingo Hydroelectric Station Exelon Power 531 MW hydro Q5162372
South Point Energy Center Calpine 530 MW gas combustion
Walter M. Higgins Generating Station 530 MW gas combustion
Flint Creek Power Plant Southwestern Electric Power 528 MW coal combustionQ5459489
New York Power Authority New York Power Authority 528 MW gas combustion
Noxon Rapids Dam 527 MW hydro
Stony Brook Power Plant Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company 526 MW oil;gas Q25004603
Frontera Generation Plant Blackstone 524 MW gas
[unnamed] 523 MW coal
North Valmy Generating Station 522 MW coal combustionQ7057102
Kenneth C. Coleman Station 521 MW coal
Seward Power Plant Seward Generating LLC 521 MW coal combustionQ12000093
Apache Generating Station 520 MW gas
Blythe Energy Center AltaGas 520 MW gas combustion
Chehalis Generation Facility Pacificorp 520 MW gas
EES Coke Plant Detroit Edison 520 MW coal combustion
Silverhawk Generating Station 520 MW gas Q7516694
Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 520 MW gas combustionQ7788133
Shady Hills Plant Shady Hills Power Co LLC 517 MW gas combustion
Garrison Dam Powerhouse 515 MW hydro Q65204198
Riverside Generating Plant Xcel Energy 511 MW gas combustion
Moselle Power Station Cooperative Energy 510 MW gas combustion
Baxter Wilson Power Station Entergy Mississippi LLC 510 MW gas combustion
Robert P. Mone Generating Station Buckeye Power 510 MW gas combustion
Will County Electric Generating Station NRG Energy 510 MW coal combustion
Arvah B. Hopkins Power Plant City of Tallahassee 507 MW gas combustionQ11959215
Darby Generating Station Lightstone Generation LLC 507 MW gas;oil Q11964764
Pawnee Generating Station Xcel Energy 505 MW coal
Lewis Creek Power Plant Entergy 504 MW gas combustion
Marsh Run Power Station Old Dominion Electric Coop 504 MW gas combustion
RockGen Energy Center Calpine 503 MW gas Q7354182
Highland Wind Project MidAmerican Energy Co 502 MW wind Q5759261
Carlsbad Energy Center NRG Energy 500 MW gas combustion
Cheyenne Ridge Wind Farm Xcel Energy 500 MW wind
Corpus Christi Energy Center Calpine 500 MW gas
Los Medanos Energy Center Calpine 500 MW gas combustion
Walnut Creek Energy Park Walnut Creek Energy, LLC 500 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] 500 MW hydro
Ingleside Cogeneration Plant Chemours;Occidental Petroleum 498 MW gas
Roadrunner 1 & 2 enel 497 MW solar photovoltaic
Big Stone Power Plant Otter Tail Power Company/NorthWestern Energy/Montana-Dakota Utilities Company 495 MW wind
Danskammer Power Station 495 MW gas combustionQ5221078
John Twitty Energy Center City Utilities of Springfield 494 MW coal combustion
Woodsdale Generating Station Duke Energy Ohio 492 MW gas combustion
Dell Power Station Associated Electric Coop, Inc 490 MW gas combustion
Gregory Cogeneration Plant NRG Energy 488 MW gas
Birdsboro Power 485 MW gas combustion
Coyote Springs Power Plant 485 MW gas combustion
Merrimack Station Granite Shore Power 482 MW coal combustion
Attala Power Plant Entergy 480 MW gas combustion
Front Range Power Station 480 MW gas combustion
Apex Generating Station 480 MW gas combustion
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station Omaha Public Power District 476 MW nuclear Q1739400
Hidalgo Energy Center Calpine;Brownsville Public Utilities Board 476 MW gas
Kings Mountain Energy Center 475 MW gas
Klamath Cogeneration Project 475 MW gas combustion
Middletown Energy Center NTE Energy 475 MW gas
Hermiston Generating Project 473 MW gas combustion
Brownsville Combustion Turbine Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 468 MW
[unnamed] McClain Energy 468 MW
Gleason Combustion Turbine Plant TVA 465 MW gas combustion
St Francis Energy Facility Associated Electric Coop, Inc 465 MW gas combustion
Kyrene Generating Station SRP 464 MW gas combustion
Ross Dam Powerhouse 460 MW hydro Q624078
Bonanza Power Plant Deseret Generation & Tran Coop 458 MW coal combustion
Nichols Generating Station Xcel Energy 457 MW gas combustion
Harbor Generating Station Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 452 MW gas combustion
Seneca Pumped Storage Generating Station 451 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ7450327
Sewaren Generating Station PSEG 451 MW gas;oil
Desert Star Energy Center San Diego Gas & Electric 450 MW gas combustion
Elmer Smith Station 450 MW coal combustion
Hinds Energy Facility Entergy 450 MW
Huntington Beach Generating Station AES 450 MW gas combustion
Kearny Generating Station PSEG Fossil LLC 450 MW gas combustionQ19876589
Sweeny Cogeneration 450 MW gas combustion
Rolling Hills Wind Farm MidAmerican Energy 444 MW wind
Plant X 442 MW gas;oil Q7201499
Hayden Coal Plant Public Service Co of Colorado 441 MW coal combustion
D.B. Wilson Station 440 MW coal Q5203360
Sundance Generating Station Arizona Public Service Co 440 MW gas combustion
Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station Ameren 440 MW hydro Q1435154
Alpine Power Plant Wolverine Power Cooperative 432 MW gas combustion
Big Cajun I Louisiana Generating LLC 430 MW gas combustion
Hungry Horse Power Plant 428 MW hydro
Coyote Power Station Otter Tail Power Company 427 MW coal combustion
Cholla Power Plant Arizona Public Service Company & PacifiCorp 426 MW coal combustionQ3435522
Vermillion Power West Lorain Plant Vermillion Power 425 MW gas combustion
Perryman Generating Station Exelon 424 MW gas;oil Q11995354
Mesquite Solar LLC Consolidated Edison Development Inc. 420 MW solar photovoltaicQ14680574
Texas City Power Calpine 420 MW gas combustion
Yards Creek Generating Station 420 MW hydro Q12010951
Selkirk Cogen Partners 418 MW gas
Safe Harbor Dam 418 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ7398477
Cope Station South Carolina Electric&Gas Company 417 MW coal
Deerhaven Generating Station GRU Gainesville Regional Utilities 417 MW
Port Everglades Power Plant Florida Power & Light 412 MW gas;oil
Ray Olinger Power Station City of Garland - (TX) 401 MW gas combustion
Peetz Table Wind Energy Center 400 MW wind wind_turbine
Bishop Hill Energy 400 MW wind wind_turbine
Cannon Falls Power Plant 400 MW gas
Charles P. Crane Generating Station Constellation Power 400 MW coal combustionQ5081424
Dworshak Hydroelectric Plant United States Army Corps of Engineers 400 MW hydro
Grande Prairie Wind Farm Berkshire Hathaway Energy;OPPD 400 MW wind wind_turbine
J P Pulliam Power Plant Wisconsin Pubic Service 400 MW coal combustionQ14714483
James River Power Station 400 MW
John P Madgett Station Dairyland Power Cooperative 400 MW coal combustionQ13639724
Klondike Wind Farm 399 MW wind
Hopewell Cogeneration 399 MW gas combustion
High Trail and Old Trail Wind Farms 396 MW wind wind_turbine
Ennis Power Company Ennis Power Company LLC 393 MW gas combustion
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility 392 MW solar thermalQ1445260
San Miguel Power Plant South Texas Electric Cooperative 391 MW coal combustion
Angus C. Anson Generating Plant Xcel Energy 386 MW gas combustion
Dry Fork Station 385 MW coal combustion
Port Jefferson Power Station PSEG Long Island 385 MW
Bull Shoals Dam Hydroelectric Plant 380 MW
Edgewater Generating Station Alliant Energy 380 MW gas combustionQ5337844
Genoa Station #3 Dairyland Power Cooperative 379 MW coal Q5533430
Darbytown Plant 368 MW gas combustion
Gravel Neck Power Plant 368 MW gas combustion
Wilson Power Station Georgia Power Co 366 MW oil
C.D. McIntosh Jr. Power Plant City of Lakeland 363 MW coal combustion
Cleco Teche Power Station CLECO 362 MW gas combustion
Wheeler Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 361 MW hydro Q7992209
DeCordova Power Plant Luminant 356 MW gas combustion
Big Sandy Peaker Plant Middle River Power II LLC 353 MW gas combustion
Gadsby Power Plant Pacificorp 353 MW gas combustion
Narrows Gas Turbines Generating U S Power Generating Company LLC 352 MW gas combustion
Southeast Chicago Energy Project 352 MW
Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station 350 MW hydro water-storageQ5179465
Eckert Power Station Lansing Board of Water and Light 350 MW
Ector County Energy Center Invenergy 350 MW gas
Twin Oaks Power Station Lonestar Generation 350 MW coal combustion
Holcomb Station 349 MW coal combustion
Sheboygan Falls Plant 347 MW
Cooper Power Plant East Kentucky Power Cooperative 344 MW coal combustion
Hamlet Generating Facility 344 MW gas
Eagle Valley Generating Station Indianapolis Power & Light 341 MW coal combustion
Harry D. Mattison Power Plant 340 MW gas
Sumpter Generating Facility Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Inc. 340 MW gas combustion
Wheaton Generating Station Xcel Energy 330 MW oil;gas
Calumet Energy Power Plant Calumet Energy Team LLC 327 MW
Permian Basin Power Plant Luminant 325 MW gas combustion
P. H. Robinson Peaker Plant NRG Energy 324 MW gas combustion
Quindaro Power Station Kansas City Board of Public Utilities 322 MW
Wallace Hydroelectric Plant 321 MW hydro Q65208512
Commonwealth Chesapeake 320 MW oil combustion
Bayou Cove Peaking Power NRG South CentralOperationsInc 320 MW gas combustion
Blue Lake Plant 320 MW gas combustion
Calcasieu Power Station Entergy Louisiana LLC 316 MW gas combustion
New Colgate Powerhouse Yuba County Water Agency 315 MW hydro Q65201923
Joliet 9 Generating Station Midwest Generations EME LLC 314 MW gas combustion
Kemper County Combustion Turbine Plant Tennessee Valley Authority 312 MW
Deuel Harvest Wind Farm 310 MW wind
Crossroads Energy Center Clarksdale Public Utilities 308 MW
Rockford Airport Solar Installation New Generation Power 306 MW solar photovoltaic
Milford Wind Corridor Project 306 MW wind Q6851778
Fontana Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 304 MW hydro dam
Bellingham Cogeneration Station 304 MW gas;oil
Victoria Power Station Rockland Capital 303 MW gas combustion
Blackstone Wind Farm LLC 302 MW wind wind_turbine
Cedar Creek Wind Farm Infigen Energy 300 MW wind wind_turbine
South Plains Wind 2 SunEdision 300 MW wind
Bayou Cogen Plant 300 MW gas combustion
Crowned Ridge II Wind Farm 300 MW wind
Moss Landing Phase 1 Pacific Gas and Electric 300 MW battery
Mossyrock City of Tacoma 300 MW
New Melones Dam Plant 300 MW hydro Q65202580
Pio Pico Energy Center Southwest Gas 300 MW gas combustion
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm 300 MW wind
Rathdrum Power 300 MW gas
Streator Cayuga Ridge South Avangrid Renewables LLC 300 MW wind wind_turbine
Techren Solar Project 300 MW solar photovoltaicQ65120760
University Park South Energy Center University Park Energy LLC 300 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] 300 MW oil
Balko Wind Apex Clean Energy 300 MW wind
Jumbo Road Wind Berkshire Hathaway Energy 300 MW wind
Bronco Plains Wind Farm 299 MW wind wind_turbine
Upland Prairie 299 MW wind
Horse Hollow 2 NextEra Energy 299 MW wind
Deer Creek Station Basin Electric Power Cooperatie 297 MW gas gasification
Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogen PLP 296 MW gas combustion
Handsome Lake Energy Facility 294 MW gas combustion
Muscatine Power Plant Muscatine Power and Water 293 MW coal combustion
Agua Caliente Solar Project 290 MW solar photovoltaicQ2298499
Bison Wind Farm 290 MW wind
Miami Wind Invenergy 289 MW wind
[unnamed] Formosa Plastics 286 MW coal
Solar Star 1 285 MW solar photovoltaic
Wolf Hills Energy Gas Power Plant 285 MW gas combustion
LSP-Whitewater LP Power Plant 284 MW
Texas Gulf Wind Pattern Energy 283 MW wind Q5617549
Inver Hills Power Plant 282 MW gas combustion
Glenrock and Rolling Hills Wind Farms PacifiCorp 281 MW wind wind_turbine
Big Sandy Plant Kentucky Power Company 280 MW gas
Fort Randall Powerhouse 280 MW hydro damQ65204164
Gallagher Station Duke Energy 280 MW coal combustion
Solana Generating Station Arizona Solar One LLC 280 MW solar thermalQ7555685
Valley Power Plant WE Energies 280 MW gas; steam Q7912172
Solar Star 2 Solar Star California XX, LLC 279 MW solar photovoltaic
Blue Spruce Energy Center Xcel Energy 278 MW
Johnson County Brazos Electric Power Coop Inc 278 MW gas combustion
Radford's Run Wind Farm E.ON 278 MW wind wind_turbine
Goldendale Generating Station Puget Sound Energy 277 MW
Pearsall Power Plant South Texas Electric Cooperative 277 MW gas combustion
DTE River Rouge Power Plant DTE Electric Company 272 MW coal combustion
Axiall Plaquemine Axiall Corp 270 MW gas
Coso Geothermal Projects Coso Operating Company 270 MW geothermal
Kinmundy Power Plant Amaren 270 MW gas combustion
Wolf Creek Hydroelectric Power Plant United States Army Corps of Engineers 270 MW hydro Q8029823
Lieberman Power Plant Southwestern Electric Power Company 268 MW gas
Ray D. Nixon Power Plant 268 MW gas;coal
Tiverton Power Plant 267 MW gas combustion
AV Solar Ranch One 266 MW solar photovoltaicQ4771208
Mount Storm Wind Farm 264 MW wind wind_turbineQ14714264
Wake Wind Wind Energy Southern Company 257 MW wind
Kendall Square Cogeneration Station Veolia 256 MW gas combustionQ18152906
MEPI GT Facility Midwest Electric Power Inc 254 MW gas combustion
Collierville Powerhouse 253 MW hydro Q65202588
Dermott Wind Lincoln Clean Energy 253 MW wind
LSP-Cottage Grove LP Power Plant 251 MW gas combustion
Lundgren Wind Project 251 MW wind
Cedar Creek II Wind Farm AE Power Services LLC, a subsidiary of BP Wind Energy 251 MW wind wind_turbine
Silver Creek Power Station Cooperative Energy 250 MW gas
O'Brien Wind MidAmerican Energy Co 250 MW wind
Cedar Point Wind Farm 250 MW wind wind_turbine
Beatrice Power Station 250 MW gas Q4877190
California Valley Solar Ranch SunPower Corporation 250 MW solar photovoltaicQ5021164
Chapman Ranch Wind Enbridge 250 MW wind
Frank E. Ratts Generating Station Hoosier Energy R E C, Inc 250 MW coal Q5486395
Gateway Energy Storage LS Power Development 250 MW storage battery
Genesis Solar Energy Project NextEra 250 MW solar thermal
Los Mirasoles Wind Farm EDP 250 MW wind
McMeekin Station 250 MW coal combustion
Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project 250 MW solar photovoltaicQ65119076
Mojave Solar Project Abengoa 250 MW solar Q6895013
Scioto Ridge Wind Farm EverPower;Cardno 250 MW wind wind_turbine
Silver State South Solar Project 250 MW solar
Stateline Solar 250 MW solar
Walnut Energy Center 250 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] 250 MW
Palo Duro Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 250 MW wind
Javelina Wind NextEra Energy 250 MW wind
Golden West Wind Farm 249 MW wind wind_turbine
Frederickson 1 Generating Station Puget Sound Energy 249 MW
Pyron Wind Farm E.ON 249 MW wind
River Road Generating Plant Clark Public Utilities 248 MW gas combustion
Holtwood Dam BIF III Holtwood LLC 247 MW hydro
Trinidad Power Plant Luminant 244 MW gas combustion
Pratt Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy Resources LLC 244 MW wind wind_turbine
Birchwood Power Facility Birchwood Power Partners LP 244 MW coal combustion
Bagnell Dam 243 MW hydro Q14693496
Big Sky Wind LLC RWE Renewables Americas LLC 240 MW wind wind_turbine
Davis Powerplant 240 MW hydro
Lewiston Pump-Generating Plant 240 MW hydro
Roanoke Valley Energy Facility 240 MW coal
Sikeston BMU City of Sikeston - (MO) 240 MW coal combustion
Buffalo Gap 2 AES Corporation 232 MW wind
Mariah del Norte Wind First Reserve 230 MW wind
Afton Generating Station PNM 230 MW gas combustion
Blackhawk Station Borger Energy Associates 230 MW gas combustion
Brandywine Power KMC Thermo LLC 230 MW gas combustion
Cabinet Gorge Dam 230 MW hydro
Cogentrix of Richmond 230 MW coal combustion
Electra Wind Starwood Energy Group 230 MW wind
Horse Creek Wind Starwood Energy Group 230 MW wind
Pickwick Landing Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 229 MW hydro
Warrior Run Generating Station AES Corporation 229 MW coal combustionQ7970789
Bruenning's Breeze Wind Farm E.ON 228 MW wind
Plain's End Power Plant Cogentrix 228 MW gas combustion
John H Kerr Dam 227 MW hydro
Paddys Run Power Plant Louisville Gas and Electric Company 227 MW gas combustion
Fort Churchill Generating Station 226 MW Q5470923
Denton Energy Center City of Denton - (TX) 226 MW gas
Sheldon Power Station 225 MW coal combustionQ7493540
White Rock Powerhouse 224 MW hydro Q65201911
Horse Hollow 3 NextEra Energy 224 MW wind
Stateline Wind Farm 222 MW wind
Bayboro Duke Energy 220 MW oil
Red Gate Power Plant South Texas Electric Cooperative 220 MW gas
The Geysers NCPA Northern California Power Agency 220 MW geothermal
Panhandle Wind 1 Pattern Energy 218 MW wind
Gordonsville Energy LP Virginia Electric & Power Company 218 MW gas combustion
Sam Rayburn Power Plant South Texas Electric Cooperative 218 MW gas combustion
FPL Energy Illinois Wind LLC Hybrid FPL Energy Illinois Wind LLC 218 MW wind wind_turbine
Terry Bundy Generating Station 216 MW
Capricorn Ridge Wind I NextEra Energy 214 MW wind
Horse Hollow 1 NextEra Energy 213 MW wind
Prairie Creek Generating Station Interstate Power and Light 213 MW coal
Power Resources Cogeneration Plant Berkshire Hathaway Energy 212 MW gas combustion
Glaciers Edge Wind Project 212 MW wind
Stephens Ranch Wind Project I Starwood Energy Group 211 MW wind
Grandview Wind Farm 1 BlackRock; E.ON Climate and Renewables 211 MW wind
Buffalo Ridge II Wind Farm 210 MW wind
Roscoe Wind Farm E.ON 209 MW wind
Amazon Wind Farm East Iberdrola Renewables 208 MW wind
Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Power Plant Energy Keepers Inc., Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes 208 MW hydro
Rattlesnake Den 1 Invenergy 207 MW wind
Saluda Hydroelectric Plant 207 MW hydro
Fenton Wind Farm 206 MW wind
Lakefield Wind Project 206 MW wind
RE Garland Southern Power Co 205 MW solar photovoltaic
White Creek 205 MW wind
New Don Pedro Dam Power Station 203 MW hydro Q65206861
Baffin Wind Iberdrola 202 MW wind
Los Vientos Wind II Duke Energy 202 MW wind
Magic Valley Wind 1 E.ON 202 MW wind
Peñascal Wind Power 1 Iberdrola 202 MW wind
Peñascal Wind Power 2 Iberdrola 202 MW wind
Nobles Wind Project 201 MW wind
Limon Wind Energy Center III 201 MW wind wind_turbine
Mesquite Creek Wind Sumitomo;Duke Energy 201 MW wind
Colbeck's Corner Wind Farm E.ON Climate and Renewables 200 MW wind
Logan's Gap Wind Pattern Energy 200 MW wind
Los Vientos Wind I Duke Energy 200 MW wind
Papalote Creek Wind Farm 2 E.ON 200 MW wind
Canyon Power Plant City of Anaheim 200 MW gas
Century Wind Project 200 MW wind
Crystal Lake Wind II 200 MW wind
Exelon Power West Medway Generating Station II Exelon Generation 200 MW gas combustion
Flat Top Wind Innergex; BlackRock 200 MW wind
Folsom Powerplant 200 MW hydro Q5464857
Hereford Wind EDF 200 MW wind
Imperial Valley Solar Farm 200 MW solar photovoltaicQ6006932
Limon Wind Energy Center I 200 MW wind wind_turbine
Limon Wind Energy Center II 200 MW wind wind_turbine
Lone Star Mesquite Wind EDP 200 MW wind
Lone Star Post Oak Wind EDP 200 MW wind
Longhorn Wind Farm EDF 200 MW wind
Los Vientos Wind III Duke Energy 200 MW wind
Los Vientos Wind IV Duke Energy 200 MW wind
Odell Wind Farm 200 MW wind
Pleasant Valley Wind Farm Xcel Energy;Great River Energy 200 MW wind wind_turbine
Prairie Queen Wind Farm EDP Renewables 200 MW wind
Prairie Queen Wind Farm EDP Renewables 200 MW wind
Reading Wind Facility Southern Power 200 MW wind
Red Pine Wind Project 200 MW wind
South Plains Wind 1 SunEdision 200 MW wind
Top of the World Windpower Project Duke Energy Top Of the World WindPower 200 MW wind wind_turbine
Tranquillity Solar Project Recurrent Energy 200 MW solar photovoltaic
West Valley Power Plant Constellation Energy (2008) 200 MW gas combustion
Prairie Rose Wind Farm 200 MW wind
J S Eastwood Power Station Southern California Edison Co 200 MW hydro water-pumped-storageQ65201410
Whispering Willow Wind Farm - East 200 MW wind
Big Horn 200 MW wind
Panther Creek Wind 3 E.ON 200 MW wind
Gorge Powerhouse 199 MW hydro Q7533756
Dansby Power Plant Bryan Texas Utilities 199 MW gas
Inadale Wind Farm E.ON 197 MW wind
Caribou Powerhouses 195 MW hydro
Spinning Spur 3 Wind EDF 194 MW wind
Storm Lake Wind Farm 194 MW wind
Leon Creek Power Plant CPS Energy 192 MW gas combustion
Sidney A Murray Jr Hydroelectric First National Bank-Commerce 192 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ7508931
Mammoth Pool Power Station Southern California Edison Co 190 MW hydro water-storage
Manzana Wind Avangrid Renewables LLC 189 MW wind wind_turbine
Marshalltown Power Station Interstate Power and Light Co 189 MW gas
Rim Rock Project 189 MW wind
Groton Generaton Station Basin Electric Power Cooperative 188 MW gas combustion
Laredo Power Plant 188 MW gas combustion
Peno Creek Power Plant Union Electric Company 188 MW gas
Capricorn Ridge Wind II NextEra Energy 186 MW wind
Pyramid Generating Station Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association 186 MW gas combustion
Tule Wind Energy Project 186 MW
Fort Peck Power Plant 185 MW hydro Q1426242
Valmont Combustion Turbine Project Xcel Energy 185 MW gas combustion
Bingham Wind Novatus Energy 185 MW wind
Saguaro Arizona Public Service Co 184 MW gas combustion
Kentucky Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 184 MW hydro Q4027234
Winchester Power Park Lower Colorado River Authority 184 MW gas
Watts Bar Dam Tennessee Valley Authority 182 MW hydro
Panhandle Wind 2 Pattern Energy 182 MW wind
ADM Clinton Power Plant Archer Daniel Midlands 180 MW coal
Brazos Wind 1 Shell 180 MW wind
Brazos Wind 2 Shell 180 MW wind
Bull Creek Wind Eurus Energy 180 MW wind
Oswego Harbor Power 180 MW
Spring Creek Powerhouse Bureau of Reclamation 180 MW hydro
Whiskeytown Powerhouse US Bureau Of Reclamation 180 MW hydro
Papalote Creek Wind Farm 1 E.ON 180 MW wind
Intrepid Wind Farm 176 MW wind
RE Astoria 175 MW solar photovoltaic
Adair Wind Farm MidAmerican Energy 175 MW wind
Big Creek 3 Power Station Southern California Edison Co 174 MW hydro water-storageQ65201420
Northeast Colorado Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy Resources 174 MW wind wind_turbine
Salt Fork Wind EDF 174 MW wind
Worthington Generating Station Hoosier Energy 174 MW gas combustion
Bartletts Ferry 173 MW hydro run-of-the-river
James B Black Powerhouse 172 MW hydro Q65201905
Mountain Breeze Wind Farm Leeward Renewable Energy 171 MW wind wind_turbine
Buffalo Gap 3 AES Corporation 170 MW wind
Turkey Track Energy Center Invenergy 170 MW wind
Holm Powerhouse 169 MW hydro water-storageQ65202353
Prairie Wind Farm MidAmerican Energy Co 168 MW wind wind_turbine
Vienna Generating Station NRG Energy 167 MW oil Q19600306
Martin Drake Power Plant Colorado Springs Utilities 167 MW gas combustion
Bay Shore Generating Facility WallEye Power LLC 166 MW petroleum coke combustion
Hackberry Wind Farm RES 166 MW wind Q5637198
Cameron Wind Farm IKEA 165 MW wind
Encogen Cogeneration Plant Puget Sound Energy 165 MW gas
Oakland Energy Facility Dynegy 165 MW oil
Pine Flat Dam 165 MW hydro
Stephens Ranch Wind Project II Starwood Energy Group 165 MW wind
Grays Ferry Cogeneration Power Plant 163 MW gas
Spinning Spur 1 Wind EDF 161 MW wind
Spinning Spur 2 Wind EDF 161 MW wind
Wildorado Wind 1 NRG Energy 161 MW wind Q8001485
Desert Sky Wind Farm American Electric Power 160 MW wind Q5264019
Barton Wind Farm 160 MW wind
McGinness Hills Geothermal Complex Ormat Technologies Inc. 160 MW geothermal
Rattlesnake Wind Goldwind 160 MW wind
Roseville Energy Park Roseville Electric Utility 160 MW gas;solar
Solar Electric Generating Systems (Plants VIII-IX) FPL Energy 160 MW solar thermalQ1078408
Southern Oak Solar Energy Center Invenergy 160 MW solar photovoltaic
Diablo Dam 159 MW hydro Q7533756
Alex "Ty" Cooke Station Lubbock Power & Light 158 MW gas
Georgetown combustion turbines Indianapolis Power & Light 158 MW gas combustion
Roserock Solar Southern Power 158 MW solar photovoltaic
High Plains and McFadden Ridge Wind Farms PacifiCorp 157 MW wind wind_turbine
Livingston Generating Station CMS Energy 156 MW gas combustion
Fluvanna Wind 1 Terna Energy 155 MW wind
Camden Cogeneration Plant 155 MW gas
Erickson Power Plant Lansing Board of Water and Light 155 MW coal combustion
Donald von Raesfeld Power Plant 154 MW gas Q18352290
Reeves Generating Station PNM 154 MW gas combustion
Notrees Windpower Duke Energy 153 MW wind
Walnut Wind Farm 153 MW wind
Flaming Gorge Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 152 MW hydro Q14711519
Pacific Wind EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc. 152 MW wind wind_turbine
Juniper Canyon 151 MW wind
North Rosamond Solar North Rosamond Solar, LLC 151 MW solar
Boulder Solar 150 MW solar photovoltaicQ22077982
Camino Powerhouse 150 MW hydro water-storageQ65201921
Camp Grove Wind Farm Orion Energy Group LLC 150 MW wind wind_turbine
Carroll Wind Farm 150 MW wind
Cedro Hill Wind NRG Energy 150 MW wind
Central Power and Lime Power Plant 150 MW coal combustion
Crystal Lake Wind 150 MW wind
Elk River Wind Farm Iberdrola 150 MW wind Q5364117
Endeavor Wind Farm 150 MW wind
Green Pastures Wind Capital Dynamics 150 MW wind
Hardin County Peaking Power Facility East Texas Electric Cooperative 150 MW gas combustion
Langford Wind Farm NRG Energy 150 MW wind
Loraine Wind Farm Third Planet Windpower 150 MW wind
McAdoo Wind Energy Invenergy 150 MW wind
Pit 5 Powerhouse 150 MW hydro Q65201936
Quitman Solar Quitman Solar 150 MW solar photovoltaic
Rathdrum Power Plant 150 MW gas
Rio Bravo Power Plant 150 MW gas combustion
Rocksprings Wind Akuo 150 MW wind
Route 66 Wind Project JPMorgan 150 MW wind
San Jacinto Peaking Power Facility East Texas Electric Cooperative 150 MW gas
Sherbino Mesa Wind 1 BP 150 MW wind
Solar Electric Generating Systems Kramer Junction (SEGS III-VII) FPL Energy 150 MW solar thermal
Story County I Wind Energy Center FPL Energy Story Wind LLC 150 MW wind
Story County II Wind Energy Center 150 MW wind
Trent Wind Farm American Electric Power 150 MW wind Q7838479
Vertigo Wind Capital Dynamics 150 MW wind
West Campus Cogeneration Facility Madison Gas and Electric 150 MW gas combustionQ24807542
White Oak Energy LLC White Oak Energy LLC 150 MW wind wind_turbine
Briscoe Wind Farm Capital Dynamics 150 MW wind
Carousel Wind Farm 150 MW wind wind_turbine
Capricorn Ridge Wind III NextEra Energy 150 MW wind
Elm Creek Wind II 149 MW wind
Goldthwaite Wind Energy Center Invenergy 149 MW wind
Oakfield Wind Project Novatus Energy 148 MW wind
Frederickson Generating Station Puget Sound Energy 147 MW gas combustion
Seven Mile Hill Wind Farm PacifiCorp 146 MW wind
Sandhills Solar Facilty Southern Power Company 146 MW solar photovoltaic
Sherbino Mesa Wind 2 BP 145 MW wind
Jaybird Powerhouse Sacramento Municipal Utility District 144 MW hydro Q65201907
Notch Cliff Generating Station Exelon 144 MW gas
Panther Creek Wind 1 E.ON 142 MW wind
Mistersky Gas Power Plant Detroit Public Lighting Authority 142 MW gas combustion
Wellsburg Wind Project 141 MW wind
Exira Station Missouri River Energy Services 140 MW gas combustion
Gavins Point Dam Powerhouse US Army Corps of Engineers 140 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ65204167
Trinity Dam Power Plant 140 MW hydro
Gadsden Steam Plant 138 MW gas;coal;biomass
Windy Point I 137 MW wind
Newark Bay Cogeneration Partnership LP Newark Bay Cogeneration Partnership LP 136 MW gas combustion
Cherokee Dam Powerhouse 136 MW hydro
Merwin Dam PacifiCorp 136 MW Q6820955
Blue Summit Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 135 MW wind
Capital Power: Southport Power Plant 135 MW coal combustion
Gilroy Energy Center Calpine 135 MW gas combustion
Haas Hydro Power Plant 135 MW hydro Q65201916
Judith Gap Energy Center 135 MW wind
Sweetwater Wind 3 Leeward Renewable Energy 135 MW wind
Sweetwater Wind 4A Leeward Renewable Energy 135 MW wind
Malburg Generating Station Vernon Gas and Electric 134 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] 132 MW gas
Camp Springs Wind 1 Invenergy 130 MW wind
Barkley Power Plant United States Army Corps of Engineers 130 MW hydro
Vermillion Power West Lorain Plant Vermillion Power 130 MW oil;gas combustion
Horse Mesa Power Station United States Bureau of Reclamation 130 MW hydro Q5905501
Arlington Valley Solar Energy II Project Arlington Valley Solar Energy II LLC 129 MW solar photovoltaic
Hunlock Power Station UGI Development Co 129 MW gas combustion
El Centro Power Plant Imperial Irrigation District 128 MW gas combustion
New Orleans Power Station Entergy New Orleans 128 MW gas combustionQ108487656
Delray Peaking Facility Detroit Edison 127 MW gas combustion
Champion Wind Farm E.ON 126 MW wind
Silas Ray Power Plant Brownsville Public Utilities Board 126 MW gas combustion
Belden Powerhouse Pacific Gas & Electric 125 MW hydro Q65202581
Kennedy International Airport Cogen KIAC Partners 125 MW gas combustion
Exelon Power West Medway Generating Station I Exelon Power 124 MW oil combustion
Hiwassee Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 124 MW hydro
Kirkwood Powerhouse 124 MW hydro water-storageQ65206867
PPS Power Plant No 1 Paducah Power System 124 MW gas
PPG Natrium Power Plant 123 MW coal combustion
Spencer Power Station City of Garland - (TX) 122 MW gas combustion
Fiendswood Energy Center Quantum Utility Generation 121 MW gas
Buffalo Gap 1 AES Corporation 121 MW wind
Camp Springs Wind 2 Invenergy 120 MW wind
Dougherty County Solar Dougherty County Solar, LLC 120 MW solar photovoltaic
Guntersville Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 120 MW hydro
Parker Dam 120 MW hydro water-storage
Stanton Wind Project Invenergy 120 MW wind
[unnamed] Comanche Solar 120 MW solar photovoltaic
Laurel Wind Farm MidAmerican Energy Co 120 MW wind wind_turbine
Orange Grove Energy Center 118 MW gas combustion
Keswick Dam Power Station U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 117 MW hydro
Watson BELD 116 MW gas combustion
Panther Creek Wind 2 E.ON 116 MW wind
Callahan Divide Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 114 MW wind
Muskogee Mill Power Plant 114 MW
Noble Great Plains Windpark Exelon 114 MW wind
NRG Sterlington Power NRG Sterlington Power LLC 113 MW gas
Capricorn Ridge Wind IV NextEra Energy 112 MW wind
Gray County Wind Farm 112 MW wind Q5598166
Northampton Generating Plant 112 MW coal combustion
[unnamed] 112 MW hydro Q65210980
Valentine Solar EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc. 111 MW solar photovoltaic
Douglas Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority 111 MW hydro
Dunlap Wind Farm PacifiCorp 111 MW wind wind_turbine
Millinocket Mill Power Station Brookfield Power Corp. 111 MW hydro
Shute Creek Facility Exxon Mobil Production Co 111 MW gas
Big Creek 2A Power Station Southern California Edison Co 110 MW hydro water-storageQ65201419
Catalina Solar Project EDF Renewable Energy 110 MW solar photovoltaicQ195467
Colver Power Project Inter-Power/AhlCon Partners, L.P. 110 MW coal combustion
Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project SolarReserve 110 MW solar thermalQ5184359
Essex Power Station Associated Electric Coop, Inc 110 MW gas
Los Vientos Wind V Duke Energy 110 MW wind
Moccasin Powerhouse 110 MW hydro water-storageQ65206859
Robert S Kerr Powerhouse 110 MW hydro Q65204176
Savannah River Mill Power Station Georgia-Pacific Consr Prods LP-Savannah 109 MW oil;gas
Ames Municipal Power Plant City of Ames 108 MW gas combustion
Grand View Solar Two Clenara 108 MW solar photovoltaic
Marshall Ford Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 108 MW hydro Q6751639
Willow Spring Solar, LLC Willow Spring Solar LLC 108 MW solar photovoltaic
Lake Benton I 107 MW wind
Powerlane Plant City of Greenville - (TX) 107 MW gas
Glacier Wind - Phase 1 106 MW wind
Alamo 7 Consolidated Edison 106 MW solar photovoltaic
Sweetwater Wind 4B Leeward Renewable Energy 106 MW wind
Palouse Wind First Wind 105 MW wind
Nickajack Dam 104 MW hydro
Shooting Star Wind Farm 104 MW wind wind_turbine
Sumrall Solar Farm 104 MW solar
Glacier Wind - Phase 2 104 MW wind
Butler Solar Facility Southern Power Company 103 MW solar photovoltaic
Stoneray Wind Farm 102 MW wind
Lamesa Solar Southern Company 102 MW solar photovoltaic
SR Arlington II SR Arlington II, LLC 102 MW solar photovoltaic
North Loop Power Station Tucson Electric Power Co 102 MW gas
South Trent Wind Farm NRG Energy 101 MW wind
White Pine Solar White Pine Solar 101 MW solar photovoltaic
Pelton Dam Portland General Electric 101 MW hydro Q1801081
Prairie Star Wind Farm Xcel Energy;EDP Renewables 101 MW wind
EcoGrove Wind LLC Acciona Wind Energy USA LLC 100 MW wind wind_turbine
Grand Meadow Wind Farm Xcel Energy;EnXco 100 MW wind wind_turbine
Rail Splitter Wind Farm Horizon Wind Energy 100 MW wind wind_turbineQ7283914
Trimont Area Wind Farm 100 MW wind
Wapsipinicon Wind Farm enXco;Xcel Energy 100 MW wind wind_turbine
Amazon Solar Farm Virginia – Southampton 100 MW solar photovoltaic
Big Creek 4 Power Station Southern California Edison Co 100 MW hydro water-storageQ65201421
Blount Generating Station Madison Gas and Electric 100 MW gas combustionQ4928488
Burlington Station 100 MW oil
Flat Ridge Wind Farm 100 MW wind
Jordan Dam 100 MW hydro water-storage
Lost Lakes Wind Farm 100 MW wind
Moss Landing Phase 2 Pacific Gas and Electric 100 MW battery
Ohio Falls Generating Station Louisville Gas and Electric 100 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Point Comfort LLC Power Plant 100 MW gas
Anacacho Wind Farm E.ON 100 MW wind
Campbell Hill Windpower Duke Energy DEGS Campbell Hill 99 MW wind wind_turbine
Crane Creek Wind Farm 99 MW wind
Elm Creek Wind 99 MW wind
Franklin County Wind Farm 99 MW wind
T. B. Simon Power Plant Michigan State University 99 MW gas combustionQ7668158
Victory Wind Farm 99 MW wind
Mower County Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy Resources 99 MW wind wind_turbine
Hancock County Wind Energy Center 98 MW wind
REO Town Cogeneration Plant Lansing Board of Water and Light 98 MW gas combustion
Laurel Mountain Wind Farm AES Corporation 98 MW wind wind_turbine
Miramar Energy Center 96 MW gas combustion
Potter II BELD 96 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] 96 MW hydro Q5605145
Grant Town Power Plant 96 MW coal
T J Labbe Electric Generating Lafayette Utilities System 96 MW gas combustion
Hargis-Hebert Electric Generating Lafayette Utilities System 95 MW gas
San Roman Wind Farm Acciona 95 MW wind
Klamath Generation Peakers 95 MW gas
Pit 4 Powerhouse 95 MW hydro Q65201934
Scrubgrass Generating Plant 95 MW coal combustion
Flatiron Power Plant 94 MW hydro Q65207618
Coachella Gas Turbine Generation Station Imperial Irrigation District 93 MW gas
Summer Falls Power Plant 92 MW hydro
Sweetwater Solar Sweetwater Solar LLC 92 MW solar
Sweetwater Wind 2 Leeward Renewable Energy 92 MW wind
Colorado Highlands Wind Farm Colorado Highlands Wind LLC 91 MW wind wind_turbine
Whitetail Wind Energy Exelon 91 MW wind
Ivester Wind Farm 91 MW wind
Sabine Cogen Sabine Cogen LP 91 MW gas
Lime Creek 90 MW oil
Larkspur Energy Facility 90 MW gas combustion
Pend Oreille County Pud Dam 90 MW hydro water-storage
Sand Bluff Wind E.ON 90 MW wind
Toledo Bend Power Plant Sabine River Authority 90 MW hydro Q65204184
Vantage Winds Energy Project 90 MW wind
Big Creek 1 Power Station Southern California Edison Co 88 MW hydro water-storageQ65201417
Cannelton Hydoelectric Plant American Municipal Power, Inc. 88 MW hydro Q65209181
Blue Mesa Powerplant 86 MW hydro Q4929428
Massengale Generating Station Lubbock Power & Light 86 MW gas
Forked River Power Plant Forked River Power, LLC 85 MW gas combustion
Newgulf Cogeneration Plant 85 MW gas
Foote Creek Wind Farms Terra-Gen Operating Co-Wind;PacifiCorp 85 MW wind wind_turbine
Abbott Power Plant 84 MW coal;gas
Red Canyon Wind NextEra Energy 84 MW wind
Southeastern Massachusetts Resource Recovery Facility Covanta SEMASS, L.P. 84 MW waste combustionQ14715859
Woodward Wind 1 NextEra Energy 82 MW wind
Allatoona Dam USCE-Mobile District 82 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Loon Lake Powerhouse 82 MW hydro Q65206869
L’Energia PurEnergy 82 MW gas
Elkhorn Ridge Wind Farm Elkhorn Ridge Wind LLC;NPPD 81 MW wind wind_turbine
Essex Generating Station PSEG Fossil LLC 81 MW gas combustionQ19876187
Sweetwater Wind 5 Leeward Renewable Energy 80 MW wind
Amazon Solar Farm – Eastern Shore Community Energy 80 MW solar photovoltaic
Broken Bow Wind Farm Phase I NPPD 80 MW wind wind_turbine
Covanta Fairfax 80 MW waste
Decatur County Solar Project Decatur County 80 MW solar photovoltaic
Goat Mountain Wind Ranch 1 80 MW wind
Harlem River Yard power station New York Power Authority 80 MW gas combustion
Hell Gate power station New York Power Authority 80 MW gas combustion
Joseph J. Seymour Power Project New York Power Authority 80 MW gas combustion
Novus 1 Wind Farm DeWind 80 MW wind
Pioneer Wind Park Sustainable Power Group, LLC 80 MW wind wind_turbine
Top of Iowa Wind Farm 80 MW wind
Top of Iowa Wind Farm II 80 MW wind
Vernon Boulevard power station New York Power Authority 80 MW gas combustion
Walton Bainbridge Power Facility Walton Bainbridge 80 MW oil combustion
White Deer Wind Royal Dutch Shell 80 MW wind
Exelon Wind 4 Exelon 80 MW wind
Majestic 2 Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 80 MW wind
Majestic 1 Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 80 MW wind
King Mountain Wind Northeast NextEra Energy 79 MW wind
King Mountain Wind Northwest NextEra Energy 79 MW wind
King Mountain Wind Southwest NextEra Energy 79 MW wind
Archbald Power Station PEI Power Corp 79 MW biogas;gas combustion
Ralston Powerhouse 79 MW hydro
Pit 6 Powerhouse 79 MW hydro Q65201938
Wildorado Wind 2 NRG Energy 78 MW wind
Sendero WInd Exelon 78 MW wind
Woodward Wind 2 NextEra Energy 77 MW wind
Castleton Energy Services Fortistar Capital 77 MW gas
Kalamazoo River Generating Station CMS Generation MI Power LLC 76 MW gas
Smithland Hydroelectric Plant American Mun Power-Ohio, Inc 76 MW hydro Q65209191
Big Creek 8 Power Station Southern California Edison Co 75 MW hydro water-storageQ65201422
Charles City Wind Farm 75 MW wind
FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center Florida Power & Light 75 MW
Great Bay Solar 1 75 MW solar photovoltaic
Pleinmont Solar sPower 75 MW solar photovoltaic
River Bend Solar NextEra Energy Resources 75 MW solar
Coral Farms Solar Energy Center Florida Power & Light 74 MW solar photovoltaic
Horizon Solar Energy Center Florida Power & Light 74 MW solar photovoltaic
Southwest Mesa Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy 74 MW wind
Broken Bow Wind Farm Phase II NPPD 73 MW wind wind_turbine
Gaylord Power Plant Wolverine Power Cooperative 72 MW gas combustion
Moffett Solar Project Moffett Solar 1, LLC 71 MW solar
JCO Oxides Olefins Plant Indorama Ventures 71 MW gas
Cowlitz Falls PUD No 1 of Lewis County 70 MW
Criterion Wind Project Exelon 70 MW wind wind_turbineQ5186572
Elk Mound Combustion Turbines Dairyland Power Cooperative 70 MW
Laurel River Dam United States Army Corps of Engineers 70 MW hydro Q65211420
Goat Mountain Wind Ranch 2 70 MW wind
Pit Three Powerhouse 69 MW hydro Q65201932
Houma Terrebonne Parish Consol Gov't 68 MW gas
Dixie Valley Geothermal Facility Terra-Gen Operating Co. 67 MW geothermal
Montgomery County Resource Recovery Facility Covanta Montgomery, Inc. 67 MW waste
Fremont Canyon Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 67 MW hydro
Big Creek 2 Power Station Southern California Edison Co 67 MW hydro water-storageQ65201418
Alpine Solar NRG Solar Alpine 66 MW solar photovoltaic
Crystal Lake Wind III 66 MW wind
Hog Creek Wind Farm 66 MW wind wind_turbine
Kibby Mountain II Helix Maine Wind Development, LLC 66 MW wind
Kibby Mountain, phase I Helix Maine Wind Development, LLC 66 MW wind
Mountaineer Wind Energy Center NextEra Energy Resources 66 MW wind wind_turbineQ6925649
Pit One Powerhouse 66 MW hydro Q65201931
Waymart Wind GlidePath Power Operations LLC 64 MW wind wind_turbine
LEPA Unit No. 1 Louisiana Energy & Power Authority 64 MW gas
Nevada Solar One Solargenix Energy 64 MW solar thermalQ1292402
Sigel Wind Park DTE 64 MW wind
Mormon Flat Power Station Salt River Project 64 MW hydro Q6912632
Snyder Wind Farm Enel 63 MW wind
Marshall Solar Energy Project 62 MW solar photovoltaic
Tallahassee Airport Solar Farm 62 MW solar photovoltaic
Cirrus 1 Wind Project 61 MW wind
Peak View Wind Project Black Hills Energy 61 MW wind wind_turbine
D G Hunter Power Station City of Alexandria - (LA) 60 MW gas
Covanta Essex Company Covanta Essex Company 60 MW waste combustion
Fairless Hills Steam Generating Station Exelon Corporation 60 MW
George Birdsall Power Plant 60 MW gas combustion
Hunterstown Generating Station 60 MW gas
Rollins Wind Project First Wind O&M, LLC 60 MW wind
Silver Star Wind Farm BP 60 MW wind
Spring Canyon Invenergy 60 MW wind wind_turbine
Spring Canyon II Invenergy 60 MW wind wind_turbine
Wirtz Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 60 MW hydro
Whirlwind Energy Center RES 60 MW wind
Ainsworth Wind Farm NPPD 59 MW wind wind_turbine
Busch Ranch II Wind Project 59 MW wind wind_turbine
Lake Chelan Dam Powerhouse 59 MW
Elbow Creek Wind Farm NRG Energy 59 MW wind Q5353776
Ocotillo Wind Farm Duke Energy 59 MW wind
Bayswater Peaking Facility LLC Bayswater Peaking Facility LLC 58 MW gas combustion
Huron Power Plant 58 MW gas combustion
Samuel A. Carlson Electric Generating Station Jamestown BPU 58 MW gas combustion
Sage Solar I-III CI III VK I TE Partnership LLC 58 MW solar
GA Solar 3 Tanglewood Solar 58 MW solar photovoltaic
Stetson Wind I First Wind O&M, LLC 57 MW wind
Gala Solar Avangrid Renewables 56 MW solar photovoltaic
Grapeland Hybrid Power Plant Southern California Edison Co 56 MW gas combustion
Spier Falls Hydropower Plant Brookfield Power Co. 56 MW hydro Q16900400
Pinnacle Wind Farm Edison Mission Energy 55 MW wind wind_turbine
Bottle Rock Power 55 MW geothermal
ID Solar 1 - Boise Solar Origis Energy 55 MW solar photovoltaic
Piedmont Green Power 55 MW biomass
Albany Green Energy Albany Green Energy 54 MW biomass combustion
Jamaica Bay Peaking Jamaica Bay Peaking Facility, LLC 54 MW oil combustion
Wheelabrator Saugus Incinerator waste-to-energy plant 54 MW waste
Sterlington Power Station Entergy Louisiana LLC 53 MW gas
Millington Solar Farm Silicon Ranch 53 MW solar photovoltaic
Tiger Creek Power Plant 52 MW hydro Q65206872
American Falls Solar I & II 52 MW solar photovoltaic
Blewett Plant Duke Energy 52 MW oil
Citrus Ridge Solar FL Solar 5, LLC 52 MW solar photovoltaic
Sky Global Power One Sky Global Partners 52 MW gas
Seminoe Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 52 MW hydro Q7449489
Altavista Power Station 51 MW biomass
Hancock Wind Plant Novatus Energy 51 MW wind
Hopewell Power Station 51 MW biomass
Kit Carson Windpower Duke Energy (for Tri-State G&T Assn) 51 MW wind
Red Horse Solar Torch Renewable Energy 51 MW
Southampton Power Station 51 MW biomass combustion
Record Hill Wind Record Hill Wind LLC 51 MW wind
Buffalo Ridge I Wind Farm 50 MW wind
Cotton Plains Wind Apex Clean Energy 50 MW wind
Old Settler Wind Apex Clean Energy 50 MW wind
Aspen Power 50 MW biomass
Blue Mountain Geothermal Power Plant Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. 50 MW geothermal
Bonnybrooke Solar Project Apple, Inc 50 MW solar photovoltaic
Canyon Ferry Dam Power Plant 50 MW hydro
Ebensburg Generating Plant Ebensburg Power Co 50 MW coal combustion
Hattiesburg Solar Farm Hattiesburg Farm, LLC 50 MW solar
Holter Dam Power Plant 50 MW
Jeffers Wind Farm 50 MW wind
Kumeyaay Wind Leeward Energy 50 MW
Lakeswind TransAlta 50 MW
Linden Project 50 MW wind
North Brawley Geothermal Plant Ormat 50 MW geothermal
Rock River I Wind Farm Shell Wind Energy Inc. 50 MW wind wind_turbine
Roth Rock Wind Farm 50 MW wind wind_turbine
Sanford Airport Solar Farm 50 MW solar photovoltaic
Silver State North Solar Project 50 MW solar Q7516402
Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Facility Wheelabrator Technologies 50 MW biomass
Condon Wind 49.80 MW wind
Mira Loma Peaker Unit 49.80 MW gas
CalPeak Border Power Plant 49.50 MW gas combustion
CalPeak Enterprise Power Plant 49.50 MW gas combustion
L L Wilkins Clarksdale Public Utilities 49.50 MW
Valero Sunray Wind Farm Valero 49.50 MW wind
Buchanan Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 49.00 MW hydro
Covanta Delano Covanta Energy Corporation 49.00 MW
McGrath Peaker Power Plant Southern California Edison Co 49.00 MW gas
Hunlock Unit 4 Hunlock Energy, LLC 48.30 MW gas combustion
Escondido Energy Center 48.00 MW gas combustion
Lake Whitney Power Plant U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 48.00 MW hydro
Palmer Station Atlantic Power 48.00 MW hydro
Re-Energy Stratton ReEnergy Holdings, LLC 48.00 MW
Thermal Energy Cooporation Central Plant Thermal Energy Cooporation 48.00 MW gas
Cuyamaca Peak Energy Plant 47.00 MW gas combustion
El Cajon Energy Center 47.00 MW gas combustion
Westside Power Plant 47.00 MW gas combustion
Union Valley Powerhouse 46.70 MW hydro
North 1st power station New York Power Authority 46.60 MW gas combustion
Central Power Plant University of Michigan 46.00 MW gas
Pouch New York Power Authority 46.00 MW gas combustion
Power Plant Iowa State University 46.00 MW coal combustion
Shakopee Energy Park Minnesota Municipal Power Agency 46.00 MW gas combustion
Estes Powerplant U S Bureau of Reclamation 45.00 MW hydro water-storage
Fort Gibson Dam 45.00 MW hydro
Sandstone Solar sPower 45.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Flying Cloud Wind Farm 44.00 MW wind
Salt Springs Powerhouse 44.00 MW hydro
Sunray - Solar Electric Generating Systems (Plants I-II) FPL Energy 44.00 MW solar
[unnamed] 44.00 MW gas combustion
King Mountain Wind Southeast NextEra Energy 43.30 MW wind
Oak Glen Wind Project 43.20 MW wind wind_turbine
Nantahala Hydro Power Plant Duke Energy 43.00 MW hydro dam
Passadumkeag Windpark LLC Southern Power Co 42.90 MW wind
Elk Wind Farm 42.50 MW wind
Cerro Gordo Wind Farm 42.00 MW wind
Crofton Bluffs Wind Farm Crofton Bluffs Wind LLC 42.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Mars Hill Wind Farm Project First Wind O&M, LLC 42.00 MW wind
Alcova Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 41.40 MW hydro Q4713370
Alamo 1 Solar Farm OCI Solar Power 41.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Butt Valley Powerhouse 41.00 MW hydro
Haefling Generating Station Kentucky Utilities Company 41.00 MW gas;oil combustion
Starcke Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 41.00 MW hydro
Alamo 4 Consolidated Edison 40.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Anderson Ranch Powerplant 40.00 MW hydro
Holley Solar Generating Station Coronal Energy / Gulf Power 40.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Lange Gas Turbines 40.00 MW gas
Red Rock Solar Plant Arizona Public Service 40.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Riverbay Power Station Riverbay Corp 40.00 MW gas combustion
Spion Kop Wind Farm 40.00 MW wind
Vista Energy Storage LS Power Development 40.00 MW battery
Onondaga County Resource Recovery Facility 39.50 MW
Goat Rock 38.60 MW hydro
Pole Hill Powerplant 38.20 MW hydro water-storage
Blundell Plant Pacificorp 38.00 MW geothermal
Glendo Powerplant U S Bureau of Reclamation 38.00 MW hydro Q48987492
Grayling Generating Station CMS Generation Operating LLC 38.00 MW
School Street Hydro-Station Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation 38.00 MW hydro
[unnamed] 38.00 MW
Control Gorge Power Plant LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER 37.50 MW hydro
Friant Hydro Facility Friant Power Authority 37.50 MW hydro Q5503341
Hawkeye Wind Farm 37.50 MW wind
Plainfield Renewable Energy Greenleaf Power, LLC 37.50 MW biomass combustion
Sweetwater Wind 1 Leeward Renewable Energy 37.50 MW wind
Fishing Creek Hydro Station Duke Energy 37.00 MW hydro
[unnamed] 37.00 MW oil
Sherman Island Powerplant Brookfield Power 36.30 MW hydro
Big Blue Wind Farm 36.00 MW wind
Hyder Solar Hybrid Arizona Public Service Co 36.00 MW solar
Kortes Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 36.00 MW hydro Q14714791
Roosevelt Power Station Salt River Project 36.00 MW hydro Q979378
San Luis Valley Solar Ranch Xcel Energy/Iberdrola Renewables 35.00 MW solar Q7414775
Bull Hill Wind Project First Wind O&M, LLC 34.20 MW wind
Glen Park Hydroelectric Facility Cube Hydro 32.65 MW hydro
Hudson Avenue Generating Station Consolidated Edison Co-NY Inc 32.60 MW oil combustion
Lancaster County Resource Recovery Covanta Lancaster Inc 32.40 MW waste combustion
County of Los Angeles Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant County of Los Angeles 32.00 MW gas combustion
Wyandotte Municipal Power Plant Wyandotte Municipal Services 32.00 MW coal combustionQ8039462
[unnamed] 31.90 MW oil
Hardy Hydroelectric Plant Consumers Energy Co. 31.50 MW hydro water-storageQ5656560
Marine Corps Logistics Base Solar 31.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Prairie du Sac Hydroelectric Dam 31.00 MW hydro
Community Wind South 30.75 MW wind
Alamosa Solar Generating Project Cogentrix 30.00 MW wind Q4705998
Cimarron Solar Facility First Solar 30.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Community Wind North 30.00 MW wind
Diamond Willow Wind Farm 30.00 MW wind
Escondido Battery Storage San Diego Gas & Electric 30.00 MW battery
Fair Wind Project Exelon 30.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Fenner Wind Farm 30.00 MW wind Q5443537
Fort Benning Solar Georgia Power 30.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Kimball Wind Farm 30.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Mozart Wind Farm BayWa 30.00 MW wind
Pawpaw Solar Facility Southern Power Company 30.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Pinal Central Energy Center Hybrid Pinal Central Energy Center, LLC 30.00 MW solar
Piney Hydro Power Plant Brookfield Power Corp 30.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Rawhide Flats Solar Platte River Power Authority 30.00 MW solar photovoltaicQ65074422
Red Horse Wind Torch Renewable Energy 30.00 MW
San Isabel Solar Energy Center San Isabel Solar LLC (PSEG Solar Source);Tri-State Cooperative;Juwi O&M Group 30.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Top Gun Energy Storage San Diego Gas & Electric 30.00 MW battery
Webberville Solar Project RES America 30.00 MW solar photovoltaicQ7978704
Peetz Table Wind Farm 29.70 MW wind wind_turbine
Top of Iowa Wind Farm III 29.70 MW wind
Barrilla Solar First Solar 29.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Robbs Peak Powerhouse 29.00 MW hydro
Busch Ranch Wind Project 28.80 MW wind wind_turbine
Adams Nielson Solar Strata Solar 28.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Austin Northeast Power Plant 28.00 MW gas
Brea Power Plant II Facility City of Anaheim 28.00 MW gas combustion
Chapel Hill Cogeneration Facility University of North Carolina 28.00 MW coal combustion
Dix Dam Generating Station 28.00 MW hydro
TalenEnergy Martins Creek LLC Jenkins TalenEnergy Martins Creek LLC 28.00 MW oil combustion
Big Spring Wind 1 Terra-Gen 27.72 MW wind
Wildcat Wind Farm Exelon Group 27.30 MW wind
Orchard Ranch Solar 26.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Borrego I Solar Generating Station NRG Energy 26.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Saddleback Ridge 25.65 MW wind
Stetson Wind Expansion First Wind O&M, LLC 25.50 MW wind
Avra Valley Solar NRG Solar Avra Valley 25.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Blewett Falls Hydroelectric Plant Duke Energy 25.00 MW hydro
Florida Solar 1 Energy 5.0 25.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Hans O. Nyman Energy Center District Energy St. Paul 25.00 MW
Taconite Ridge Wind Energy Center Minnesota Power (Allete) 25.00 MW wind
G. McNeilus Wind Farm 24.00 MW wind
Tower Power Plant Wolverine Power Cooperative 24.00 MW hydro dam
Washington Ave Power Plant Zeeland BPW 24.00 MW
Wind Park Bear Creek Leeward Asset Management, LLC 24.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Pardee Dam Plant 23.60 MW hydro
Canton Mountain Wind 22.80 MW wind
Hillman Power 22.00 MW biomass combustion
Lloyd Shoals Dam Georgia Power 22.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Rawhide Prairie Solar Platte River Power Authority 22.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Brandon Station Lubbock Power & Light 21.00 MW gas
Crosswinds Wind Farm 21.00 MW wind
Odin Wind Farm 21.00 MW wind
Rincon Solar I Rincon Solar I, LLC 21.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 21.00 MW solar
West 59th Street Generating Station Consolidated Edison Company of New York 20.30 MW gas combustionQ5973624
Beardslee Hydro Power Plant 20.00 MW hydro
Bowerman Power Facility City of Anaheim 20.00 MW gas combustion
Bowling Green Ohio Solar Project NextEra Energy Resources 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Butler Solar Farm Southern Power Company 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Capital Partners, Phase I Solar Duke Energy Renewables 20.00 MW solar
Cherrydale Solar Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Correctional Solar Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Decatur County Solar Project Decatur County 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Dogwood Solar Power Project Dogwood Solar, LLC 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Essex Solar Center Coronal Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Fusion Solar Center Fusion Solar Center, LLC 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Gloucester Solar Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Grant County Wind Farm 20.00 MW wind
Little Pringle Wind Farm DeWind 20.00 MW wind
McHenry Plant EDF Renewables 20.00 MW
Mira Loma Energy Storage 20.00 MW battery
Montross Solar Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Mountain Home Solar 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Murphy Flat Solar 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Picture Rocks Solar NVT LICENSES, LLC 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
RE Rosamond One Gamma Genco CV II LLC 20.00 MW solar
RE Rosamond Two Gamma Genco CV II LLC 20.00 MW solar
Remington Solar Power Facility Dominion 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Sappony Solar Farm Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Scott-II Solar Farm Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Simco Solar 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Spruce Mountain Spruce Mountain Wind LLC 20.00 MW wind
Whitehouse Solar Dominion Energy 20.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Winnebago Wind Power Project 20.00 MW wind
York Haven Hydro Station 20.00 MW hydro
[unnamed] 20.00 MW coal
[unnamed] Stephentown Spindle 20.00 MW flywheel
Brahms Wind 19.80 MW wind
Buckingham Solar Dominion Energy 19.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Danielson Wind 19.80 MW wind
IHI Chinese Station 19.80 MW biomass
Deep Creek Hydroelectric Station 19.00 MW hydro water-storage
Greater Sandhill Solar Plant Xcel/SunEdison Inc. 19.00 MW solar
Queen Creek Solar Farm juwi solar 19.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Woodland Solar Dominion Energy 19.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Marshall Wind Farm 18.90 MW wind
Boulevard Power Station Georgia Power Co 18.60 MW oil
VMEA Gen City of Manassas - (VA) 18.30 MW oil
Annapolis Solar Park 18.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Tulloch Dam Plant 18.00 MW hydro
Wilmarth Northern States Power Co - Minnesota 18.00 MW waste
Allegheny Hydro # 9 Allegheny Hydro LP 17.80 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Oceana Solar Facility Dominion Energy 17.60 MW solar photovoltaic
Paloma Solar Power Plant Arizona Public Service Co 17.60 MW solar photovoltaic
Casper Wind Farm Chevron USA 17.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Cotton Center Solar Plant Arizona Public Service Co 17.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Hauser Dam Power Plant 17.00 MW
Morgan Falls Georgia Power 17.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Scott Solar Dominion Energy 17.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Tom Miller Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 17.00 MW hydro
UVA Hollyfield Solar Dominion Energy 17.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Amoskeag Central Rivers Power NH, LLC 16.80 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Abiquiu Generating Station Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities 16.50 MW hydro water-storage
[unnamed] Starwood Energy Group and Energy Management, Inc. 16.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Camilla Solar Plant 16.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Providence Solar Providence Solar Center, LLC 16.00 MW solar
Dominion/Lo Mar City of Manassas - (VA) 15.80 MW oil
Fort Detrick Solar PV 15.70 MW solar photovoltaic
Boysen Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 15.00 MW hydro water-storageQ4952737
Buxton Peaking Generators 15.00 MW diesel
Combined Heat and Power Plant Duke Energy 15.00 MW gas combustion
Conemaugh Hydro Plant Pennsylvania Renewable Resources 15.00 MW hydro
Jacksonville Solar 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Jersey Valley Geothermal Plant Ormat Technologies Inc. 15.00 MW geothermal
Luke Solar Arizona Public Service Co 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Saddle Mountain Solar I SunE AZ2 LLC 15.00 MW solar
Tracy Solar 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
UVA Puller Solar Dominion Energy 15.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Wheelabrator Lisbon Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. 15.00 MW waste combustion
Windom Wind Project 15.00 MW wind
Monroe Solar Farm Monroe Solar Farm, LLC 14.90 MW solar photovoltaic
Badger 1 Solar Desert Sky Solar LLC 14.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Hardin Hilltop 14.70 MW wind
Inks Power Plant Lower Colorado River Authority 14.00 MW hydro
Nellis Air Force Base Solar Array 14.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Wheelabrator Hudson Falls 14.00 MW waste
[unnamed] 14.00 MW gas combustion
[unnamed] Duke Energy Renewables 14.00 MW solar
Hennepin Island Hydroelectric Plant 13.90 MW hydro
South Fork Wind Farm 13.80 MW wind
Allegheny Hydro No 8 Allegheny Hydro LP 13.60 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Longview Solar 13.60 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Constellation 13.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Frenchtown Solar 3 13.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Thunderegg Solar Center 13.10 MW solar photovoltaic
Adams Solar Center GCL New Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Elbe Solar Center GCL New Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Fort Lupton Solar Farm Silicon Ranch Corporation 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Little Falls Hydro Powerhouse 13.00 MW hydro
Newcastle Powerhouse 13.00 MW hydro
OR Solar 3 - Turkey Hill Origis Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
OR Solar 5 - Merrill Origis Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
OR Solar 6 - Lakeview Origis Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
OR Solar 8 - Dairy Origis Energy 13.00 MW solar photovoltaic
A G Wishon Power Station Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 12.80 MW hydro water-storage
Greensburg Wind Farm 12.50 MW wind wind_turbine
New Jersey Oak Solar New Jersey Oak Solar 12.50 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] PPL 12.50 MW
Garvins Falls Central Rivers Power NH 12.30 MW hydro run-of-the-river
South Glens Falls Hydroelectric 12.10 MW hydro
Central Power Plant SDSU Energy 12.00 MW multi cogeneration
Crescent NYSEG Powerhouse 12.00 MW hydro
Vischer's Ferry Hydro Power 12.00 MW hydro
Wheelabrator Concord Facility Wheelabrator Environmental Systems 12.00 MW waste combustion
Johnson Space Center Combined Heat & Power National Aeronautics and Space Administration 11.90 MW gas
NCRC Central Energy Plant University of Michigan 11.80 MW
City of Paris Power Plant City of Paris 11.50 MW oil combustion
Jones Fork Powerhouse Sacramento Municipal Utility District 11.50 MW hydro
MinWind III-IX Wind Farm 11.50 MW wind
Pantex Renewable Energy Project Siemens 11.50 MW wind
Alliant SBD 9107 JBS USA Industrial Energy Applications Inc 11.40 MW oil
New York State Dam Power Station Boralex Hydro Operations Inc 11.40 MW hydro
Poole Power Plant Southern California Edison 11.25 MW hydro
Dahowa Hydro 11.00 MW hydro
Curtis Station Atlantic Power 10.80 MW hydro
Portal Powerhouse Southern California Edison Co 10.80 MW hydro
Camanche Dam Plant 10.70 MW hydro
Iowa Lakes Lakota Wind Farm 10.50 MW wind
Iowa Lakes Superior Wind Farm 10.50 MW wind
Bear Creek Solar Center GCL New Energy 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Clarke Solar Power Facility Dominion 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Collier Solar 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
E.W. Brown Solar Facility 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Exelon Wind 1 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 10 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 11 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 2 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 3 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 5 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 6 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 7 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 8 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Exelon Wind 9 Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Fairfield Wind 10.00 MW wind
Fontenelle U S Bureau of Reclamation 10.00 MW hydro
Frisco Wind Farm DeWind 10.00 MW wind
Georgia Mountain 10.00 MW wind
High Plains Wind Project Exelon 10.00 MW wind
Kingman 1 Wind Farm 10.00 MW wind
Musselshell Wind 1 10.00 MW wind
Musselshell Wind II 10.00 MW wind
Norwest Energy 2 - Neff 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Open Range Solar Center 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Vale Air Solar Center 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Valley View 10.00 MW wind
Wy'East Solar Avangrid Renewables 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Wye Mills Solar Power Plant 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 10.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 10.00 MW hydro
Chiloquin Solar Saturn Power 9.90 MW solar photovoltaic
Norwest Energy 7 - Eagle Point 9.90 MW solar photovoltaic
Tumbleweed Solar Saturn Power 9.90 MW solar photovoltaic
Gallup River Plain Solar Farm 9.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Gordon Butte Wind Farm 9.60 MW wind
Santa Fe Solar Energy Center 9.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Allegheny No 6 Hydro Station All Dams Generation, LLC 9.20 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Woodstock Hills Wind Farm 9.20 MW wind
Bly Solar Center GCL New Energy 9.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Gregory B. Jarvis Plant 9.00 MW hydro
Harbor Wind Revolution Energy 9.00 MW wind
Hyline Solar Center 9.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Pisgah Mountain Wind Pisgah Mountain, LLC 9.00 MW wind
[unnamed] 9.00 MW hydro water-storageQ5167026
[unnamed] 9.00 MW hydro water-storageQ5466456
Lower Saint Anthony Falls Hydroelectric Project 8.98 MW hydro
Croton Hydroelectric Plant Consumers Energy Co. 8.90 MW hydro water-storageQ5188982
Saddleback Ridge 8.55 MW wind
Cooperative Solar One East Kentucky Power Cooperative 8.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Ayer Island Station Central Rivers Power NH, LLC 8.40 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Cisco 8.40 MW wind
Manzano Solar PNM Resources 8.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Rush Creek Power Station Southern California Edison 8.40 MW hydro water-storage
SunEdison Alamosa Photovoltaic Solar Plant SunEdison Inc. 8.24 MW solar
Marys Lake Powerplant U S Bureau of Reclamation 8.10 MW hydro water-storage
BC Solar PSE&G 8.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Beebee Island Power Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Black River 8.00 MW hydro
El Vado Generating Station Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities 8.00 MW hydro water-storage
Huerfano River Wind Project 8.00 MW wind wind_turbine
Moshier Power Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Beaver River 8.00 MW hydro
Seneca Falls Hydroelectric Project Gravity Renewables 8.00 MW hydro
St. Cloud Hydroelectric Facility 8.00 MW hydro
Woodline Solar 8.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 8.00 MW hydro water-storageQ4713346
Azalea Solar Dominion Renewable Energy 7.70 MW solar photovoltaic
Gateway Solar 7.60 MW solar photovoltaic
Cushaw Hydroelectric Powerhouse 7.50 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Sierra SunTower 7.50 MW solar thermalQ15277724
Badger Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 7.00 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Elizabeth Mine Solar Greenwood Energy 7.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Horseshoe Bend Wind Farm 7.00 MW wind
Plymouth Solar, LLC SunEnergy1 7.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Siler 421 Solar Farm Strata Clean Energy 7.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Tequesquite Landfill Photovoltaic Project Sun Power, LLC 7.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 7.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Dixieland Solar AES 6.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Old Mill Solar NextEra 6.80 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 6.80 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ5656560
West Siler Solar Farm Strata Clean Energy 6.70 MW solar photovoltaic
Big Spring Wind 2 Terra-Gen 6.60 MW wind
MAS ASB Cogen Plant Cube District Energy 6.60 MW biomass gasification
Guernsey Power Station U S Bureau of Reclamation 6.40 MW hydro Q5614897
Seville Road Solar Plant City of Wadsworth 6.25 MW solar photovoltaic
Combined Locks Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 6.20 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Medicine Bow Wind Farm SRIV Partnership LLC 6.20 MW wind wind_turbine
Lawrenceville School Solar Farm KDC Solar 6.10 MW solar photovoltaic
Black River Power Dam Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Black River 6.00 MW hydro
Green Island Hydroelectric Plant Green Island Power Authority 6.00 MW
Grove Solar Center 6.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Inghams Dam Powerhouse Erie Boulevard Hydropower LP 6.00 MW hydro
Kentuck Solar Project Danville Utilities 6.00 MW solar photovoltaic
NorWest Energy 4 - Bonanza New Energy 6.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Seaside Heights Power Plant Seaside Heights Municipal Utility 6.00 MW oil combustion
[unnamed] Fortistar 6.00 MW methane
[unnamed] 6.00 MW oil combustion
Kearney Solar Park City of Kearney;NPPD 5.76 MW solar photovoltaic
Alamo 3 Consolidated Edison 5.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Herrings Power Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Black River 5.40 MW hydro
Kamargo Power Dam Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Black River 5.40 MW hydro
[unnamed] Town of Berlin 5.40 MW oil
Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant Albany Engineering Company 5.25 MW hydro Q14706930
Lincoln Heights I 5.20 MW wind
Academy Solar Power Station 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Colorado State University Fort Collins Solar Plant 5.00 MW
Keystone Solar Keystone Solar, LLC 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Koppelman Sun CSG Geronimo Energy 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Martin Solar Center Coronal Energy 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Outback Solar I 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Palmer Solar Center Coronal Energy 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Stony Gorge Dam Power Station 5.00 MW hydro
Sunset Reservoir San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 5.00 MW Q7361658
SynerGen Panorama Community Solar 5.00 MW solar photovoltaic
University of Washington Power Plant University of Washington 5.00 MW
[unnamed] 5.00 MW waste gasification
Deer Creek Powerplant 4.95 MW
GL Wind 4.95 MW wind
[unnamed] 4.90 MW hydro water-storage
Kaukauna City Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 4.80 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Penacook Lower Falls Briar-Hydro Associates 4.60 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Beaver Ridge Wind Beaver Ridge Wind LLC 4.50 MW wind
Fox Island Wind LLC Fox Island Wind LLC 4.50 MW wind
Princeton University Solar Farm 4.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Railroad Solar Center 4.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Alamo 2 Solar Farm OCI Solar Power 4.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Alderson CoGeneration Plant Bob Jones University 4.40 MW oil;gas
Sayreville Floating Solar Array 4.40 MW solar photovoltaicQ109051088
Rolfe Canal Hydro Briar-Hydro Associates 4.30 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Dexter Power Station Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. 4.20 MW hydro
Archdiocese of Baltimore solar Contellation 4.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Blue Basin Solar OneEnergy Renewables 4.00 MW solar photovoltaic
DIA 3 Solar Power Plant 4.00 MW
Valmont Community Solar Garden Pivot Energy 4.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Waterport Hydro Power Plant 4.00 MW hydro
[unnamed] 4.00 MW
[unnamed] Consumers Energy 4.00 MW hydro water-storage
Lincoln Heights II 3.90 MW wind
Turnipseed Solar VeloSolar 3.90 MW solar photovoltaic
Allendorf Wind Farm E&E Enterprises LLC 3.80 MW wind
Stillwater Hydroelectric Facility Gravity Renewables 3.50 MW hydro
Greggs Falls Eagle Creek RE LLC 3.40 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Penacook Upper Falls Hydro Briar-Hydro Associates 3.40 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Fourth Branch Hydroelectric Facility Boralex Hydro Operations Inc 3.30 MW hydro
Little Chute Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 3.30 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Phoenix Power Station Eagle Creek Renewable Energy 3.24 MW hydro
Ogdensburg Hydro Power Plant Ampersand Hydro 3.20 MW hydro
[unnamed] 3.20 MW solar photovoltaic
New Hogan Dam Plant 3.15 MW hydro
Bedford Solar O2 emc 3.00 MW solar photovoltaic
CF Novel Solar CSG Gardens Eleven, LLC Cypress Creek Renewables 3.00 MW solar
EKS Landfill WM Renewable Energy LLC 3.00 MW biomass
Howell Solar, LLC 3.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Indian Valley Dam Power Station Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District 3.00 MW hydro
Lundy Power Plant Southern California Edison 3.00 MW
Solar Farm 3.00 MW solar photovoltaic
WakeSun Community Solar Garden SunShare 3.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 3.00 MW diesel;solar;battery
[unnamed] 2.90 MW hydro
Millville Hydro Station 2.80 MW hydro
San Joaquin 2 Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 2.80 MW hydro
UMMS at Pocomoke 2.80 MW solar photovoltaic
Rittman Road Solar Plant City of Wadsworth 2.62 MW solar photovoltaic
Lake Zumbro Hydroelectric Generating Plant Rochester Public Utilities 2.60 MW hydro run-of-the-riverQ6478600
DG AMP Solar Front Royal American Municipal Power Solar 2.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Stafford Hill Solar Farm and Microgrid Green Mountain Power 2.50 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Phillip Morris USA 2.45 MW solar photovoltaic
Rapid Croche Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 2.40 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Steel Bridge Solar Project Portland General Electric 2.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Walden Hydro Power Plant Consolidated Hydro New York, Inc. 2.40 MW
Sunflower II SoCore Energy 2.34 MW
APG New Chesapeake Onyx Asset Services Group 2.30 MW solar
Rock River Solar Facility Alliant Energy 2.30 MW solar photovoltaic
Troup RC50 Solar Westbound Solar 2.30 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] WE Energies 2.25 MW solar photovoltaic
Boring Solar 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Cooperative Solar Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
NorWest Energy 14 - Grand Ronde 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
SP Solar 5 - Mill Creek Road 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
SP Solar 6 - Colton 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
SP Solar 7 - Dayton Cutoff 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
SP Solar 8 - Valley Creek Road 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Scotland Dam Generating Station FirstLight Power 2.20 MW hydro
Sheep Solar 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Silverton Solar 2.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Kimberly Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities 2.17 MW hydro run-of-the-river
Mother Ann Lee Hydroelectric Station 2.10 MW hydro
UMES (MD) - Princess Anne 2.10 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 2.10 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] United States Navy 2.10 MW solar photovoltaic
Black Cap Solar PacifiCorp 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Green City Recovery, LLC 2.00 MW biomass combustion
LG&E-KU Solar Share Facility Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
McCleskey Cotton Solar Westbound Solar LLC 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Schuylerville Hydro Station 2.00 MW hydro
OIT Solar 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Penn State Solar Fields 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Piscataway Data Center Quality Technology Services 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
RIT Solar Farm Field #1 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Robert W Matthews Dam Power Station 2.00 MW hydro
Sewalls Power Station Erie Blvd. Hydro - Black River 2.00 MW hydro
Twiss Street Solar 2.00 MW solar
[unnamed] 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] New Hampshire Electric Cooperative 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] AES 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] SolarFlair 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Oregon Convention Center 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 2.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Veolia Energy 2.00 MW
Champepaden Wind Power 1.98 MW wind
Moulton Wind Power 1.98 MW wind
Central Plant 1.80 MW gas
Tannery Island Power Station Ampersand Tannery Island Hydro LLC 1.80 MW hydro
North Carver Landfill Solar Installation 1.77 MW solar photovoltaic
City of South Burlington Landfill Solar Array Green Mountain Power 1.76 MW solar photovoltaic
Baldock Solar Station Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) 1.75 MW solar photovoltaic
APG Old Bayside Onyx Asset Services Group 1.70 MW solar
[unnamed] ECOsponsible, LLC 1.68 MW hydro
ALDI Petersburg Division Rooftop Solar ALDI 1.66 MW solar photovoltaic
Bellevue Solar EDF Renewable Energy 1.66 MW solar photovoltaic
Blue Ridge Generating Facility 1.60 MW waste
Bakersfield Industrial 1.50 MW solar photovoltaic
Muscogee Public Works Solar 1.50 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] City of Truth or Consequences 1.50 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Merck 1.50 MW solar photovoltaic
OSU 35th Street Solar Field Oregon State University 1.44 MW solar photovoltaic
Freeman Avenue Solar 1.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Oil Dri 2 Solar Westbound Solar 1.40 MW solar photovoltaic
Delano Land 1.35 MW solar photovoltaic
M-NCPPC – South Germantown Standard Solar 1.30 MW solar
Newport Hydro Station 1.30 MW hydro
Theresa Plant Hydro Power Plant Enel SpA 1.30 MW hydro
[unnamed] 1.30 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] IKEA 1.26 MW solar photovoltaic
Livingston Solar Array Farm 1.20 MW solar
Normanskill Hydro Project Hydro Power Plant 1.20 MW
ONU Wind Project ONU;AEP Chicago 1.20 MW wind wind_turbine
[unnamed] 1.20 MW solar photovoltaic
Yamhill Solar EDF Renewable Energy 1.19 MW solar photovoltaic
Rock Creek Solar Farm Standard Solar 1.17 MW solar photovoltaic
Accabonac Solar Farm 1.10 MW solar photovoltaic
Luray Hydro Station 1.10 MW hydro
Mountain View Power Plant Mountainview Power Company LLC 1.06 MW gas combustion
Birdsong Peanut Solar Hannah Solar 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
Cedartown Battery Energy Storage Project Georgia Power 1.00 MW battery
Perdue Salisbury Photovoltaic 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
VGV Renewable Energy Plant Village Green Ventures 1.00 MW biogas anaerobic_digestion
[unnamed] Minnesota Solar Connection 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 1.00 MW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Cardigan Mountain School 964 kW solar photovoltaic
Elk Rapids Hydroelectric Power 800 kW hydro run-of-the-river
Mill Creek No. 1 Hydroelectric Plant Southern California Edison 800 kW hydro run-of-the-river
Humanscale 775 kW solar photovoltaic
Boondocks Truck Stop Wind Farm 700 kW wind
Ocean Avenue Array City of Portland 660 kW solar photovoltaic
Wall Lake Municipal Utilities Wind Farm 660 kW wind
[unnamed] 649 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 649 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 646 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 646 kW solar photovoltaic
Ripley Heat Plant Northern Michigan University 645 kW gas;biomass;oil
Highland Park Solar Storage System PSE&G 605 kW solar photovoltaic
Presque Isle 600 kW wind
Upper Greenwich Plant Battenklll Hydro Associates 600 kW hydro
[unnamed] 562 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 502 kW solar photovoltaic
Lakeview 500 Solar Obsidian Renewables 500 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] IKEA 500 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 500 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] DTE Energy 485 kW solar photovoltaic
Comtu Falls Corporation 460 kW hydro run-of-the-river
Brockton Brightfield 425 kW solar photovoltaicQ4972868
Solar on Sexton Mountain City of Beaverton 420 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] Clean Water Services 403 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 370 kW solar photovoltaic
Lakeview 363 Solar Obsidian Renewables 363 kW solar photovoltaic
Arkwest Solar Farm Arkwest Communications 360 kW solar photovoltaic
West Boylston Municipal Light Commission Solar Array 359 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 318 kW solar photovoltaic
Hoot Lake Power Plant Otter Tail Power Company 300 kW
Middle Greenwich Plant Battenklll Hydro Associates 300 kW hydro
[unnamed] 272 kW solar photovoltaic
Montgomery Worsted Mills Hydro Plant 250 kW hydro
[unnamed] 240 kW solar photovoltaic
GSA 200 kW wind
[unnamed] Salt River Project 200 kW solar photovoltaic
Gibraltar Hydroelectric Plant City of Santa Barbara 189 kW hydro
Cedar Street Solar Array Lansing Board of Water & Light 150 kW solar photovoltaic
Thetford Community Solar Norwich Solar Technologies 150 kW solar photovoltaic
[unnamed] 148 kW solar photovoltaic
Calverton National Cemetery Solar Array Department of Veterans Affairs, National Energy Business Center 92 kW solar photovoltaic
BTI Wind Energy Greensburg BTI Wind Energy 85 kW wind wind_turbine
[unnamed] Crystal Spring Farm 76 kW solar photovoltaic
Community Solar Garden Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative 50 kW solar
Conklingville Dam Power Station Brookfield Power 22 kW hydro
Green Tech Solar Array Green Tech Academy 18 kW solar photovoltaic
Dark Horse Brewery Solar Installation Dark Horse Brewery 10 kW solar photovoltaic
Appleton Power Plant We Energies 2 kW hydro run-of-the-river
William F Matson Generating Station / Raystown Hydroelectric Project Allegheny Electric Cooperative 0 kW hydro run-of-the-river
A L Pierce Power Plant
A. B. Brown Generating Station Q4647544
AEP Energy Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
AES Redondo Beach Power Plant
AMEA Peaking Gas Power Plant
AWMS Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
AWMS Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Aberdeen CT Power Plant
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 1
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 1
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 1
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 2
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 2
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 2
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 3
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 3
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 4
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 4
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 5
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 5
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 5
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 5
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 6
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 6
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit 7
Ad Astra Wind Farm Project Circuit ?
Agua Mansa Power Plant
Alamosa Solar South solar photovoltaic
Alder Dam Power House Tacoma Power hydro
Allegheny Energy Chambersburg Power Plant
Allegheny Energy Units 3, 4, & 5 Power Plant gas combustion
Alliant Energy Neenah Power Plant Alliant Energy Corporation gas combustion
Almond Power Plant gas combustion
Alsey Power Plant gas combustion
Alta Luna Solar Facility solar photovoltaic
Ameren UE Sioux Power Plant Ameren Union Electric coal combustion
Ames GT
Anadarko power plant
Anderson Power Plant gas combustion
Androscoggin Energy Center gas combustion
Anson County Power Plant gas combustion
Antelope Station gas combustion
Antelope Valley Power Plant
Arapahoe Station Xcel Energy coal→gas combustion
Arsenal Hill Power Plant gas combustion
Arsenal Power Dam hydro
Arthur Kill Power Plant
Arthur Von Rosenberg Power Plant gas combustion
Asbury Generating Station Empire District Electric Company
Asheville Combined Cycle Power Plant Duke Energy gas combustion
Astoria Gas Turbines NRG Astoria Gas Turbine Operations Inc gas combustion
Athens Generating Gas Power Plant
Audrain Gas Power Plant
Aurora Generating Station NRG Energy
Aurora Solar Array Dodge Center solar
Austin Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage Austin Energy battery photovoltaic
Avion Solar Swinerton Renewables solar photovoltaic
Avista/TransCanada Gas Odorisor Station
Avon Lake
Avon Park Power Plant
BEC Community Solar solar photovoltaic
BP Solar Farm British Petroleum solar photovoltaic
BP Solar Farm British Petroleum solar photovoltaic
BRT Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
BRT Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Baconton Power Plant
Barre Peaker Generating Station
Bay County Trash Incinerator waste combustion
Bayfront Steam Plant Xcel Energy wood_chips combustion
Bellevue Municipal Utilities City of Bellevue oil combustion
Bennett Mountain Power Plant gas combustion
Berkshire Power
Black Dog Plant coal;gas
Black Hills Energy
Black Mountain Power Plant gas combustion
Blue Canyon Wind Farm wind Q3641153
Boswell Energy Center coal combustion
Bridgeport Harbor Station PSEG Power
Brunot Island Generating Station
Brunot Island power station
Brush Colorado Power Partners
Buchanan Generating Facility
Bucks Creek Powerhouse Pacific Gas & Electric hydro
Building 10
Burlington Generating Station Interstate Power and Light coal combustion
Burlington Generating Station
Butler-Warner Generation Plant gas combustion
Bypass Hydroelectric Facility hydro
C.W. Burdick Power Plant gas Q25005048
CH Resources Beaver Falls Power Plant
CH Resources Syracuse Power Plant
CPV Sentinel Power Plant
CPV St. Charles Energy Center gas combustion
CPV Woodbridge Energy Center Competitive Power Ventures gas
CWRU Sun Farm solar photovoltaic
Cahokia Power Plant coal
Caithness Long Island Energy Center
CalPeak Power Panoche Peaker Plant
CalPeak Power Vaca Dixon Peaker Plant
Calhoun Energy Center Power Plant gas combustion
Calpine Bethpage Energy Center 3 gas combustion
Cambridge CT Power Plant gas combustion
Canaday Power Plant gas combustion
Cane Island Power Park Kissimmee Utility Authority
Capital District Energy Center Maxim Power (USA), Inc. gas combustion
Carl Bailey Power Plant
Carll's Corner Power Plant
Carr Street Generating Station
Carson Ice-Gen Project gas combustion
Cass County Power Plant gas combustion
Central Energy Facility Stanford University
Central Heating Plant UMass gas;solar
Central Heating and Chilling Plant University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee gas;oil
Central Power Plant
Central Power Station
Central Utilities Plant
Central Utilities Plant University of Rochester co-gen
Central Utility Plant
Central Utility Plant
Ceredo Generating Station gas combustion
Chambers Cogeneration LP Plant coal combustion
Chamon Power LLC
Channelview Cogeneration Power Plant gas combustion
Chanute 2 Power Plant
Charles D. Lamb Energy Center gas combustion
Charter Street Heating and Cooling Plant UW Madison gas combustion
Chattahoochee Energy Facility Oglethorpe Power Corporation gas combustion
Cherokee County Cogen Power Plant
Cherokee Generating Station
Chesapeake Energy Center Dominion Virginia Power
Chester Generating Station Exelon Power
Chevron Oil Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station gas combustion
Cimarron River Power Plant
Claytor Hydro Water Power Plant hydro
Clayville Generating Station
Clear Springs Ranch Solar solar photovoltaic
Clear Springs Ranch Solar solar photovoltaic
Clearwater Powerplant Number 2 hydro
Cleary Flood Hybrid Power Plant gas combustion
Cleveland Public Power Plant Cleveland Public Power
Clifton Power Plant
Cloverland Hydroelectric Plant hydro
Co-Generating Energy Plant
CoGen Plant Stony Brook University gas combustion
College Power & Heating Plant Le Moyne College
Columbia Canal Power Plan South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. Q5149630
Columbia Energy Center
Columbia Energy Center gas combustion
Columbia Energy Center (SC)
Columbia Municipal Gas Power Plant
Comanche Power Plant gas combustion
Community Solar Garden solar photovoltaic
Concord Generating Station gas combustion
Consumers Energy Wind Farm wind
Cooling Tower Stony Brook University gas combustion
Copper Power Plant
Cordova Energy Power Plant
Corona Energy Partners Ltd Southern California Edison
Coronado Generation Station
Cos Cob Jet fossil
Cosumnes Power Plant gas combustion
Covanta Covanta
Covanta SECONN waste combustion
Coyote Ridge Solar Farm Poudre Valley Rural Energy Association solar photovoltaic
Cresta Powerhouse Pacific Gas & Electric hydro Q65202590
Crete Energy Venture LLC Power Plant gas combustion
Crittenden Solar Power Plant Duke Energy solar photovoltaic
Croydon CT Generating Station
Culbertson Generation Station
Cumberland Energy Center gas combustion
Cunningham Station
DBTMK Mantorville Solar Array solar photovoltaic
DBTMK Solar Array solar
DIA Solar Array solar photovoltaic
DIA Solar Array solar photovoltaic
DPS Place Bridge Academy Solar PV Array solar photovoltaic
DTE Energy Lapeer Solar Park - Demille Array solar photovoltaic
DTE Stockton Biomass Power Plant
Dallman Power Station City Water, Light and Power
Dartmouth Power Associates LP
Dave Gates Mill Creek Generating Station Northwest Energy
Davidson County Solar Farm solar photovoltaicQ5241647
De Pere Energy Center gas combustion
Deerhaven Renewable Power Plant
Demoss Petrie Power Plant
Denver Federal Center Solar PV solar photovoltaic
Detroit Edison Substation
Detroit Edison Substation Detroit Edison
Detroit Edison Substation Detroit Edison
Detroit Edison Substation
Devon Station NRG Energy
Dicks Creek Power Plant gas combustion
Dighton Power Plant gas combustion
Downtown Dubuque Solar Garden Alliant Energy solar photovoltaic
Doyle Energy Facility
Dresden Energy Facility
Dry Lake Wind Power Project Iberdrola Renovables wind Q5309533
Duke Energy Kenton County Solar Park solar photovoltaic
EF Barrett Power Plant gas combustion
ESU Powerplant
Eagle Point Generation Power Plant Sunoco Power Generation gas combustion
Earl F. Wisdom Generating Station
East Bend Generating Station Duke Energy coal combustion
East Campus Utility Plant gas combustion
Eastbridge Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Eastman Cogeneration Facility Gas Plant gas combustion
Eastman Falls Hydroelectric Station hydro run-of-the-river
Eastridge Wind Project wind
Eddystone Generating Station Exelon
Edge Moor Power - Hay Road Power Complex Calpine Corporation
Edgewood Energy LLC Power Plant
Eel Weir Hydroelectric Plant Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners hydro
El Dorado Powerhouse hydro
El Rancho Parking Lot 8 solar
Electric Substation
Electrical Substation
Electrifarm Power Plant gas combustion
Elgin Energy Center gas combustion
Elk Hills Power LLC
Elk River Power Plant gas combustion
Elkmont Sub-Station
Empire Energy Center Empire District Electric Company
Emporia Energy Center Westar Energy gas combustion
Emsworth Dam US Army Corps of Engineers
Energy Center
Energy Plant
Energy Plant University of Maryland
Ephraim Cemetery Substation Ephraim City Power Department
Equitrans Midstream
Equus Freeport Power Plant gas combustion
Essential Power Newington LLC Power Plant
Eubank Landfill Solar Array solar photovoltaic
Evander Andrews Power Complex gas combustion
Exelon LaPorte Generating Station
Exelon Medway LLC
ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery Power Station gas combustion
FEUS Bluffview Plant
FPL Sunshine Gateway Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Facebook 1 Solar Energy Center Valencia County Facebook solar photovoltaic
Facebook 2-3 Solar Energy Center Bernalillo County solar photovoltaic
Fairgrounds Power Plant
Falls Village Generating Station hydro
Fayette Energy Facility
Fayetteville Substation
Ferndale Generating Station
Finicky Pet Food solar photovoltaic
First Solar Research Facility First Solar solar photovoltaic
FirstEnergy Willow Island Monongahela Power Co coal combustion
Fish Creek Powerhouse hydro
Fitchburg Power Plant
Five Mile Pond Hydroelectric Project Quinebaug Associates LLC hydro
Florence Mill Power Plant
Florida Power & Light
Forest County Potawatomi Community Renewable Generation - Biogas Facility FCPC Renewable Generation biomass anaerobic_digestion
Forest Creek Wind Farm E.ON wind
Former Georgia Power
Forney Power Plant gas combustion
Fort Dodge power plant
Fountain Valley Power Facility gas combustion
Frank A. Tracy Generating Station - Peak Units gas combustion
Frank Knutson Power Plant gas combustion
Freedom Power Project
Fresno Cogen Partners
Frontenac Solar Array solar
Frontenac Solar Array - South solar
Frontier Power Plant
Fulton Power Plant gas combustion
GESD Solar Farm Gloversville Enlarged School District solar photovoltaic
GM Pontiac Power Plant coal
Gambit Energy Storage Park Gambit Energy Storage LLC battery
Gans Energy
Garden City Power Plant gas combustion
Garrison Energy Center gas combustion
Garwin McNeilus Wind Farm wind
Gaston Steam Plant
Genentech Energy Resiliency Solar solar photovoltaic
Georgia Power
Gerald Andrus Power Plant gas combustion
Gibson City Energy Center gas combustion
Giddings Gas Plant
Gila Gravity Canal Hydroelectric Station hydro
Gilbert Generating Station
Glenarm Power Plant gas combustion
Glendive GT Power Plant
Goose Creek Energy Center Power Plant
Gorgas Power Plant Alabama Power Co
Graham Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Grand River Energy Center Grand River Energy Authority coal
Grand Tower Energy Center NAES
Grayson Power Plant City of Glendale Water & Power
Great Falls Hydro Plant hydro
Greater Des Moines Energy Center Mid-American Energy
Green Mountain Power Plant #9
Greenland Plant JEA JEA
Greenridge Generation LLC Power Plant
Greens Bayou Electric Generating Station NRG Texas gas combustion
Greenville Electric Generating Station
Greenwood Power Plant gas combustion
H Wilson Sundt Generating Station Tucson Electric Power
Hagood Power Plant gas combustion
Hancock DTE
Hanford Energy Park Peaker
Happy Jack Windpower wind
Hardin Generating Station Beowulf Energy coal combustion
Harris Nuclear Plant
Hartsville Nuclear Power Plant Tennessee Valley Authority
Hartwell Dam
Hatch Solar Energy Center NextEra Energy solar photovoltaic
Hatfield's Ferry Power Station FirstEnergy coal combustionQ19373712
Havana Power Station Dynegy
Hawk Road Energy Facility
Hazelton A Hydroelectric Facility hydro run-of-the-river
Heating Plant Bowling Green State University
Heating Plant
Heating Plant
Heber 1 Geothermal Plant Ormat geothermal
Heber 2 Geothermal Plant Ormat geothermal
Hebron Power Plant
Henderson Municipal Power & Light: HMP&L City of Henderson
Henrietta Peaker power plant
Henry W. Pirkey Power Plant
Heskett Station Montana-Dakota Utilities
High Desert Power Project
Highmore Wind Energy Project NextEra Energy Resources wind
Hilton Head Power Plant
Historic Fall River Hydroplant hydro water-pumped-storage
Hobbs Generating Station
Hog Bayou Energy Center Mobile Energy LLC gas combustion
Holden Power Plant Assosciated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Holtsville power plant
Horseshoe Lake Power Plant
Howard Down Generating Station
Hugo Power Plant
Hutchinson Energy Center gas combustion
Hutchinson Plant #2
IFF Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
IND Solar Farm (Phase I) Indianapolis Airport Authority, General Energy Solutions USA solar photovoltaic
IND Solar Farm (Phase IIA) Indianapolis Airport Authority solar photovoltaic
IND Solar Farm (Phase IIA) Indianapolis Airport Authority solar photovoltaic
IND Solar Farm (Phase IIB) Indianapolis Airport Authority solar photovoltaic
IND Solar Farm (Phase IIB) Indianapolis Airport Authority solar photovoltaic
Ice Harbor Dam Q5985283
Illinois River Energy LLC CHS Ethanol
Imperial Solar Energy Center East solar photovoltaic
Imperial Solar Energy Center West Tenaska solar photovoltaic
Indeck Corinth Energy Center
Independence Power Plant coal combustion
Independence Power and Light
Indian River Generating Station Orlando Utilities Commission
Indian River Power Station
Indiantown Cogeneration Plant Florida Power and Light
Indigo Energy Facility gas combustion
Intel solar panels solar photovoltaic
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers solar
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers solar
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers solar
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers solar
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers solar
International Paper Eastover Facility coal combustion
Interstate Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Iowa Lakes Community College Wind Turbine wind
Island Street Peaking Plant
JM Shafer Generating Station
Jack's Solar Garden solar photovoltaic
Jackson Generating Station Consumers Energy
Jacumba Photovoltaic Solar Field solar photovoltaic
Janssen Pharmaceutical Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Jewett City Power Station
John B. Rich Memorial Power Station
John R. Kelly Generating Station Gainesville Regional Utilities gas combustion
John S Rainey Gas Plant
John St. Hydro Plant Kaukauna Utilities hydro run-of-the-river
Johnsonville Fossil Plant coal combustionQ27265395
Johnsonville Fossil Plant coal combustionQ27265395
Jones Street Power Plant
Jonesboro City Water & Light Plant gas combustion
KCPL Northeast Power Plant
Kalkaska CT #1 Power Plant
Kansas City Power & Light Substation
Kayenta PV Solar Plant solar photovoltaic
Kearney Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Kennedy Generating Plant JEA Jacksonville Electric Authority
Kilarc Powerhouse
King City Power Plant gas combustion
Kleen Energy NRG Energy of Connecticut
Knox Lee Power Plant gas combustion
L Reactor Facility U.S. Department of Energy
L&D Landfill Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
LADWP Valley Generating Station
La Paloma Generating Plant
LaChute Hydro LaChute Hydro hydro
LaGrande Powerhouse Tacoma Power hydro
Lake Catherine power plant
Lake Gaston Dominion Power hydro
Lake Land Fill Gas Recovery
Lake One Power Plant
Lake Road (MO) Generating Station
Lamar Power Project
Lamokin Frequency Converter Station Exelon Power
Langley Gulch Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Lansing Power Plant Alliant Energy coal
Larsen Memorial Power Plant
Las Cruces Centennial Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Las Vegas Generating Station
Lawrence County Power Plant gas combustion
Lawrence Energy Center
Lawrenceburg Power Plant
Lenox Municipal Utilities Wind Farm wind
Lewes City Power Plant
Liberty Electric Energy Facility
Limon Generating Facility
Linden Cogen Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Live Oak Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Live Oak Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Lock 5 Powerhouse hydro
Lockport Energy Associates Power Plant
Lodi Energy Center Power Plant gas combustion
Logan Generating Plant Ares EIF
Lon D Wright Power Plant City of Freemont, Nebraska
Lonesome Creek Station
Long Beach Generating Station Q56273184
Lordsburg Generating Station
Los Alamos Photovoltaic Site solar photovoltaic
Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility
Lost Pines 1 Power Project gas combustion
Lot 30 UCR solar photovoltaic
Lot 30 UCR solar photovoltaic
Louisiana 1 power plant
Lowell Hydroelectric Project Enel Green Power North America hydro
Lower Pelzer Hydroelectric Plant hydro
M Street Jet Power Plant
MCCo Solar Generating Facility solar photovoltaic
MPC Generating Power Plant gas combustion
Macho Springs Wind wind
Maddox Power Plant
Madison Electric Works
Magnolia Power Project gas combustion
Maine Independence Station Power Plant gas combustion
Malaga Power LLC gas combustion
Manchester Street Generating Station
Manchief Electric Generating Station gas combustion
Manitowoc Power Plant
Marcus Hook Energy Center gas combustion
Marion Power Plant Southern Illinois Power Cooperative coal combustion
Mariposa Energy Project gas combustion
Martinez Substation
MassPower MassPower gas combustion
Massena Energy Facility
McCartney Power Plant
McClellan Gas Power Plant
McCook Power Plant
McCoy Solar Energy Project solar photovoltaic
McIntosh (AL) power plant
McKee Run Power Plant gas combustion
McManus power plant
McPherson 3 Power Plant
McPherson BPU Power Plant 2
McWilliams Power Plant gas combustion
Meadow Lake Solar Energy Center PNM Resources solar photovoltaic
Mechanicsville Hydroelectric Project Saywatt Hydroelectric, LLC
Medical Center Company
Meherrin River Reservoir Hydroelectric Power facility hydro
Meredosia Power Station
Messer LLC
Michigan City Generating Station NIPSCO
Michigan Power LP gas combustion
Mid American Energy Riverside Generating Station
Mid American Energy Sycamore Combustion Turbines gas combustion
Mid-Georgia Cogeneration Facility Gas Plant gas combustion
Middletown Kleen Energy Systems Power Plant NRG Energy of Connecticut
Midway Peaking LLC gas combustion
Milford Power LP Power Plant gas combustion
Milford Power Plant
Mill Creek No. 2 and No. 3 Southern California Edison hydro run-of-the-river
Mill Street Solar solar photovoltaic
Millcreek Power Generation
Millenium Power Plant
Milton R. Young Power Plant coal combustion
Mint Farm Generating Station Puget Sound Energy
Moberly Power Plant
Moe Wind Farm wind
Moline Power Dam hydro
Montana Power Station
Montpelier Electric Generating Station gas combustion
Montville Station Power Plant Montville Power gas combustion
Moody Substation
Mooreland Power Plant
Moreau Power Plant
Morgan Creek Power Plant Luminant gas
Morgan Energy Center Power Plant gas combustion
Morris Cogeneration LLC Power Plant gas combustion
Morristown Municipal Powerhouse Morristown Utilty Systems
Morristown Municipal Powerhouse hydro
Moser Generating Station
Mulberry Cogeneration Facility gas combustion
Mustang Station Power Plant gas combustion
Mustang power plant
Myrtle Beach Power Plant
NAEA Ocean Peaking Power LLC Plant gas combustion
NASA Solar Array solar photovoltaic
NRG Energy Center Dover
NRG Rockford Energ Center
NRG Rockford I Power Plant gas combustion
NRG Rockford II Energy Center NRG gas combustion
NYSEG Mountaindale Substation
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Solar Plant solar photovoltaic
Natural Gas gas combustion
Natural Gas gas combustion
Natural Gas Flare gas combustion
Navajo Generating Station Salt River Project Q176590
Nearman Creek Power Station Kansas City Board of Public Utilities coal
Nebo Power Station gas combustion
Nelson Energy Center gas combustion
New Castle Power Plant gas combustion
New Haven Harbor Power Plant gas combustion
New Market Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
New Ulm Power Plant
Newington Power Plant
Newman Power Plant El Paso Electric
Newmont TS Solid-Fuel Power Plant coal combustion
Newton Power Plant
Niland Gas Turbine Plant gas combustion
Niles Generating Station
Noblesville Power Plant
Norris Dam Powerhouse Tennessee Valley Authority hydro
North Adams Landfill solar photovoltaic
North Omaha Station coal combustion
North Platte Hydro Nebraska Public Power District hydro
North Powerhouse The Bowersock Mills & Power Co. hydro run-of-the-river
North Vernon Substation Duke Energy
Northeastern Power
O W Sommers Power Plant gas combustion
OU Power Plant University of Oklahoma
Occum Hydroelectric Plant and Dam Norwich Public Utilities hydro Q7075741
Ocean State Power Plant gas combustion
Ocoee #3 hydro
Ocotillo Wind Pattern Energy wind
Ohio Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm American Municipal Power wind wind_turbine
Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Plant Olmsted County waste combustion
Ontelaunee Energy Center
Orange Cogeneration Facility gas combustion
Oregon Solar Highway Project Portland General Electric solar photovoltaic
Orlando Cogen LP Power Plant gas combustion
Oronoco Solar Array People's Enertgy Cooperative solar
Osawatomie Power Station
Oswego Independence Gas Power Plant
Otero Solar solar photovoltaic
Oxbow Powerhouse hydro
PPL Newport Service Center
PSE&G Yardville Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
PSEG Sewaren Generating Station
Panda Liberty Power Plant
Panda Patriot Power Plant
Panda Sherman Power Plant
Paris Energy Center Power Plant gas combustion
Paris Generating Station
Parlin Power Plant
Pedricktown Cogeneration Company LP Power Plant gas combustion
Philip Sporn Power Plant American Electric Power coal combustion
Pinckneyville Power Plant gas combustion
Pine Bluff Power Plant gas combustion
Pine Island Solar Farm - North solar
Pine Island Solar Farm - South solar photovoltaic
Pioneer Generating Station
Pittsburg Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Pittsfield Generating LP
Plant Ratcliffe
Platte Generating Station City of Platte, NE
Playstation Power
Pleasant Hill Power Plant gas combustion
Pleasant Valley Power Station Great River Energy gas combustion
Pleasants Energy
Poe Powerhouse hydro
Polytechnic Ground Mount South solar photovoltaic
Pomeroy Wind Farm wind
Pony Meadows Solar farm solar photovoltaic
Port Washington Water Pollution Control District Port Washington Water Pollution Control District
Port Westward Generating Project Portland General Electric
Portland Generating Station coal combustion
Portside Energy Power Plant
Potlatch Power Plant Tacoma Power hydro
Power House
Power Plant
Power Plant (PWRP) University of North Texas
Power Sub Station
Power Sub Station
Prospect Power Plant
Pueblo Airport Generating Station gas combustion
Puget Sound Energy
Questa Solar Facility solar photovoltaic
Quinebaug Hydroelectric Project Quinebaug Associates LLC hydro
R W Miller power plant
RE Mustang Solar solar photovoltaic
RED Rochester Power Plant
RG&E High Falls Hydro Power RG&E hydro
RIT Solar Farm Field #2 solar photovoltaic
Raccoon Creek Energy Center
Ralph Green Power Plant
Rattlesnake Solar Farm Silicon Ranch/United Power solar photovoltaic
Re-Energy Stratton Power Station
ReEnergy Black River Generating Facility
Read Oak Station
Red Hills Power Plant PurEnergy
Red Mesa Wind Laguna Pueblo wind wind_turbine
Redding Power
Renaissance Power
ResCo Power Station
Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center State of Rhode Island nuclear fission
Richland Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Rio Grande Power Plant
Ripon Generating Station gas combustion
River Valley Power Plant Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
River's Reach Electrical Station FPL
Riverside Community Solar Array solar photovoltaic
Riverside Energy Center gas combustionQ7338486
Riverside Energy Resource Center gas combustion
Riverside Power Station
Riverton Power Plant
Rivesville Power Station Monongahela Power Co coal combustion
Robins Power Plant
Rock Creek Powerhouse Enel NA hydro
Rock Creek Powerhouse Pacific Gas & Electric hydro
Rock Island Dam
Rock Island Dam
Rock Island Hydroelectric Plant hydro
Rocky Mountain Power Plant Xcel Energy
Rocky Road Power Plant Rocky Road Power LLC
Rokeby power plant
Rosebud Power Plant
Rosemary Power Station
Roxboro Power Plant Duke Energy
Rumford Power gas combustion
Russel D Smith Powerplant hydro
Rutgers Health Sciences Power Plant gas combustion
S O Purdom Power Plant
S.W. Jack Cogeneration Plant
SCA Cogen 2 Power Plant gas combustion
SFCC Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
SP Solar 1 - Gervais Cypress Creek Renewables solar photovoltaic
SPA Cogen 3 gas combustion
Salford Pump Station Interstate Energy Co.
San Jacinto Steam Electric Station gas combustion
San Ysidro School District Solar Farm San Ysidro School District solar photovoltaic
Sandersville Energy Facility gas combustion
Sandy Hollow Power Project Davis Hydro hydro
Sanford Power Plant
Santa Rosa Energy Center
Santolina Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Saranac Power Plant gas combustion
Satelite Thermal Plant
Sayreville Energy Center
Sayreville Generating Station
Schaghticoke Power Station hydro
Schiller Power Plant coal combustion
Schoolfield Hydroelectric Plant STS Hydropower
Selkirk Cogen Partners
Seminole Power Plant gas combustion
Service Building
Sewell Creek Energy Power Plant
Shawville Generating Station coal combustion
Shelby County Generating Station GenOn
Shirley Solar Farm National Grid solar photovoltaic
Shirley Solar Farm National Grid solar photovoltaic
Shirley Solar Farm National Grid solar photovoltaic
Shirley Solar Farm National Grid solar photovoltaic
Shoreham Oil Power Plant
Silver Bay Power Plant Cleveland-Cliffs
Silver Sage Windpower wind
Sim Gideon Power Plant gas combustionQ7517263
Slide Creek Powerplant hydro
Smarr Energy Center
Soda Springs Power Plant hydro
Solar Array solar photovoltaic
Solar Array solar photovoltaic
Solar Array solar
Solar Array solar
Solar Array solar
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar PV Array
Solar PV Array solar photovoltaic
Solar Panel Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Panels solar photovoltaic
Solar Panels solar photovoltaic
Solar Pavillion solar photovoltaic
Solar Photovoltaic Farm solar photovoltaic
Solar Power Array solar photovoltaic
Solar Power Array solar photovoltaic
Solar farm solar photovoltaic
Sooner Power Station
South Campus Power Plant
South Fond du Lac Power Plant
South Fork Powerhouse hydro
South Harper KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Co
South Jersey Gas
South Powerhouse Bowersock Mills and Power Company hydro
South Valley Solar Energy Center solar photovoltaic
Southeast Chilled Water Plant
Southeast Steam Plant Veolia coal;gas;biomass Q7569390
Southold Generating Station
SpaceX Solar Farm SpaceX solar photovoltaic
Spindle Hill Power Plant gas combustion
Spiritwood Station
Spokane Waste to Energy Plant waste
Spring Creek Power Plant
Spring Grove Power Plant
Spring Valley Municipal Power Plant
Spring Valley Wind Farm wind
St John's Solar Field solar photovoltaic
St. Bonifacius Power Plant
St. Joseph Energy Center
Star Solar solar
State Line Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant Empire District Electric Co gas combustion
Station No. 1
Steam Distribution House
Steam Plant (Building 476)
Stock Island Power Plant
Stockton Cogeneration Facility Air Products & Chemicals
Stored Solar biomass
Strawberry Plains Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Streeter Station Power Plant Cedar Falls Utilities gas,coal combustion
Stryker Creek Power Plant
Sugar Creek Power
Sullivan's Ledge solar photovoltaic
Sumas Power Plant gas combustion
SunAnza Anza Electric Co-Op solar photovoltaic
SunE SPS1 Dollarhide solar photovoltaic
SunE SPS2 Jal solar photovoltaic
SunE SPS3 Lea solar photovoltaic
SunE SPS4 Monument solar photovoltaic
SunE SPS5 Hopi solar photovoltaic
SunEdison Solar Power solar photovoltaic
SunShare Denver Community Solar Garden solar photovoltaic
SunShare Denver Community Solar Garden solar photovoltaic
Sunrise Power LLC
Sutton Combined Cycle Plant
Suwannee River Power Plant Duke Energy
Switching yard
Syl Laskin Power Plant coal combustion
Sylvarena Power Plant gas combustion
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
Table Rock Station hydro Q65207911
Taconite Harbor Energy Center ALLETE
Tait Electric Generating Station gas combustion
Talbot Energy Power Plant
Tenaska Central Alabama Generation Station Tenaska gas combustion
Tenaska Georgia Generating Station
Tenaska Lindsay Hill Generating Station Tenaska gas combustion
Tennessee Eastman Operations Power Plant coal combustion
Theodore Cogen Facility gas combustion
Thermalito Forebay hydro
Thomas A Smith Energy Facility
Thomas Fitzhugh Power Plant
Thomas Hill Energy Center
Tiber Dam Power Plant hydro
Tiger Bay Power Plant
Tilton Power Plant gas combustion
Tinton Falls Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Toketee Powerhouse hydro
Tom G Smith Power Plant
Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant gas combustion
Treasure Coast Energy Center
Trenton Channel Power Plant DTE Energy coal combustion
Trenton Channel Power Plant DTE Energy coal combustionQ7838558
Tri-gen Power Plant gas combustion
Trico Community SunWatts Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Trinidad Municipal Power Plant
Tulsa Power Station Public Service Company of Oklahoma gas combustion
Turkey Point 5 Gas Power Plant gas combustion
Two Dot Wind Farm wind
UAJA Solar Array Stage 1 solar photovoltaic
UAJA Solar Array Stage 2 solar photovoltaic
UB Solar Strand solar photovoltaic
UC Davis Solar Farm SunPower solar photovoltaic
United Power Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
United Therapeutics Solar Farm United Therapeutics solar
University of Florida Cogeneration Plant gas
University of Iowa Power Plant University of Iowa gas;coal;biomass combustion
University of Washington West Campus Utility Plant
Utility Plant East Campus University of Cincinnati gas combustion
VVC Solar Farm solar photovoltaic
Valencia Energy Facility gas combustion
Venice Gas Power Plant
Vermillion Energy Facility
Vermont Gas Vermont Gas
Vero Beach Municipal Power Plant
Viking Energy biomass
Village Power House