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Open Infrastructure Map is a view of the world's hidden infrastructure mapped in the OpenStreetMap database.

By and large, this data isn't exposed on the main OSM map, so I built Open Infrastructure Map to visualise it.

How do I contribute?

If you want to edit the data and you're new to OpenStreetMap, check out learnOSM.

If you already have some OSM experience and want to start tagging infrastructure things, take a look at the tagging guidelines for power and telecoms.

How is OIM made?

The following mess of tools and services make Open Infrastructure Map run:

The background map data is kindly provided by MapTiler.

Where's the code?

You can find some bits of OIM on the openinframap Github organisation. More to come, soon.

Who made this?

I'm Russ, and I like infrastructure. Please don't contact me about copyright claims or similar, these should properly be directed to OpenStreetMap.

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch with the OSM infrastructure mapping community, join #osm-infrastructure on Join this channel with IRCCloud: .

You can also follow OpenInfraMap on Twitter for occasional status updates.

Support OpenInfraMap

OpenInfraMap is a personal side project which costs me around $1200/year to run. If you like OpenInfraMap, you can chip in to help with these costs on Liberapay:

How do I access the data?

All the data currently displayed on OpenInfraMap is sourced directly from OpenStreetMap.

If you can consume vector data in Mapbox Vector Tiles format, you can fetch vector data directly from the OpenInfraMap tile server using the TileJSON file.

If you need relatively small extracts of data, you can use Overpass Turbo to generate these in GeoJSON and similar formats.

For larger amounts of data, you will need to fetch and process the raw OSM data directly, which is relatively complex.

I can provide exports from the OpenInfraMap database, for which I charge a fee of £85 to cover my time. More complex work will normally be billed at £100/hour although I am happy to negotiate this based on the task. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in this.

If you use this data, you will need to comply with the OpenStreetMap licensing terms, which require that you attribute OpenStreetMap. Attribution of "OpenInfraMap", and a link to this website, would be appreciated but is not required.