⟩ Exports

We can provide exports of worldwide power and telecoms infrastructure from OpenStreetMap.

Our standard export provides the following information:

We can only provide exports of data which is visible on OpenInfraMap. If you require exports of other OpenStreetMap data, you may wish to consider the Geofabrik export service.


Exports can be provided in many standard geospatial vector formats, such as GeoPackage, Shapefile, etc.

Exports of power network data in KML (Google Earth) format, with styling and interactivity, are available at an additional cost. Please note that these tend to be unusuable in Google Earth for areas larger than a single country.


OpenInfraMap Export Prices
1-3 countries£200

Payment is required in advance of delivery by card or GBP bank transfer.

Discounts are available for non-profit, humanitarian, and academic research purposes.


This data is licensed under the OpenStreetMap licensing terms, which require that you attribute OpenStreetMap in any derived data. Attribution of "OpenInfraMap", and a link to this website, would be appreciated but is not required.


To order an export, please drop us an email.

Exports are provided by Zarya Ltd, a UK consultancy which supports the development of OpenInfraMap.